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Maggi Chicken Noodles

12:12 PM


Coming back to my Just Noodling series. This week I am sick, I managed to get a cold courtesy of my daughter that wasn’t too well just before leaving for Lucknow, it resulted into hitting me toward the end of the stay, and developing into a full blast congestion hell by Monday. I coughed up my lungs, and am still right now under the influence of the brain fog, that today simply refuse to lift…oh well.
One of the things that makes me feel good when sick is starchy chicken flavoured goodness, and as far as chicken noodles go, the Maggi one are among my favourite. In fact I like this one much better than the original masala flavour. Compared to other chicken noodles I tried it still has a solid chicken flavour without falling in the over spicy or over bland category.

The tastemaker’s smell brings me back to the days my mom would cook chicken broth based alphabet noodles on rainy winter evenings, soup my sister and I would gulp down with some of what Maggi is famous for in Switzerland: Maggi condiment sauce (picture here), that sauce is what we call “Maggi” back home, this is the ultimate all purpose condiment to add to stocks, sauce and soups to add a bit more flavour to it. It looks far from appetizing if you have never encountered it in your life. And the closest taste to it I can find is yet another Swiss institution: Cenovis which is a brewer’s yeast bread spread my Aussie and British friends know under the name of respectively Vegemite and Marmite.
But pardon me, I am deviating here, back to the noodles shall we?

They taste the part as much as they smelled it, still bringing back some warm fuzzies from my childhood, which efficiently make them a perfect rainy cold day treat, or a sick day feel good fare, the taste is strong enough to make it palatable despite my clogged sinuses, the only thing that went missing over the years is that the Maggi i remember from a few years back still had a gooey quality it no longer has, they must have altered the recipe somehow, the solution to keep as much as the original taste intact, is to put enough water to cook the noodle in, and be left with very little to drain, that way all the chicken flavoured water goodness is absorbed by the noodles.
And as far as Ishita is concerned this is one of her favourite ramen noodle type out there too, yesterday I cooked only one pack for us two thinking that since it came as a side to stir fried veggies and chicken it would be enough…she asked for more, with such persistence that she went to sleep on it and asked for it again as soon as she woke up from her nap, so I had to cook the other pack we had in the pantry…not that I objected, still feeling pretty foggy myself, I felt like I could use some feel good food in the evening too.


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