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2017 Update!

I can't believe how popular this old post is (and all for disconcerting reasons). I updated the picture because I got tired to see a poorly photographed pack of Maggi noodles show up in my popular post, and decided to give you the very obvious message with my new picture : 

NO! They are NOT healthy

I just can't believe the number of Google searches invovling the words Healthy and Atta Noodles lead you all to my blog. 
Hopefully many of you Googled it so you would have the proof that it is indeed plain old junk food, if you were hoping this blog post would nurture a delusion about eating better, sorry to burst your bubble. 

All instant noodles, of any brands are flash fried in oil and while they are convenient on a busy day, any variant is bad for your health, you are better off making yourself a vegetable sandwich with multigrain bread than eat those atta noodles if health is what is on your mind. 

With this 2017 add on, you can if you want to know more read the original post below : 

This is what I wrote in 2012: 

One of the recent add on in the Maggi Noodle family, probably supporting the effort to promote healthier eating habits in urban Indians when suddenly health became the topic of the hour.
This particular type of noodle claims to be made of whole wheat flour (atta) and to be full of fiber, and even states it has real vegetables in, giving a new dimension to their slogan “Taste bhi Health bhi” (tasty and healthy).
I’m one of those who don’t really fall for these lines really, All instant noodles are flash fried in the first place, are starchy, and 100g of that thing contains far more calories than 100g of regular Italian pasta. I know that when I eat these noodles, they are junk and all they satisfy is my taste buds, and in all frankness we all need these moments of comfort and indulge in junk food, junk food isn’t bad when consumed in moderation…it’s when it becomes an everyday staple that it spells trouble. So really trying to sell me atta noodles and claim that they are healthy…not working! There I said it!

But as part of my vow to taste all the noodles there are on the Indian market, I bought a pack of that one, and I had tasted it before as my SIL keeps only that one in the house…because it’s healthier than normal Maggi (which I don’t buy into as previously stated). So since the claims wants one to believe it’s healthier than regular Maggi noodles, let’s have a look at the ingredient and nutrition facts shall we? This version of the classic noodles contains 84.2% of atta, they do not mention what makes the remaining percentage though. And here are the nutrition facts on the label:

Energy: 427
Protein: 10.2g
Carbohydrates: 63.8g
Sugar: 2.9g
Fibre 5.3g
Fat: 13.4g

The claim on the packet is that it has the goodness of protein and fibre…so I took the pack of regular masala noodles out of the pantry to check what the nutrition facts of the good old trusted noodles says:

Energy: 402
Protein: 9.2g
Carbohydrates: 58.9g
Sugar: 1.2g
Fat: 14.4g

So what does that tell us? That there is only 1 gram more protein per 100g in the atta noodles…not enough to make it so superior to the regular noodles, it has also 25 calories more, most probably from all the add on in the taste maker. it has nearly 4g more carbs than the regular Maggi and more than double the sugar! the regular Maggi do not state how much Fibre there is in it, but so far the only thing the atta variant has less of is fat, and it’s a mere one gram less fat…not enough to make it healthy.
All in all if you know how to read labels, you will see that Maggi fooled you into thinking the atta version is healthier, because in truth it is not, it is just the same…and that fibre be damned, if you want to benefit from the GOODNESS of fibre as they state on the pack…go sink your teeth in a fruit or eat a serving of dal, but please do not fall for the healthy claims of these noodles.

Now that I played food label detective, to the taste bench. The taste maker has some real dehydrated veggies in there, but the total amount is one teaspoon once rehydrated, and they probably lost all the nutrients a vegetable should have in the process…they give a nice touch of colour to the noodles though, the spice in it is the same masala mix you find in the regular Maggi Masala noodles.
Taste wise, it’s the comforting taste of masala noodle, with a weird sandy texture due to the atta in the noodles, if you fell pray to the healthy claim, you will reason yourself with the fact these noodles are good for you and that the sandy texture is something you need to get used to. I don’t and that texture is horribly off, I never saw it in whole wheat Italian pasta, so why is it in these noodles, whole wheat doesn’t mean it has to rub your tongue and palate the wrong way, beside if you like ramen noodles for the comfort aspect, how is having sand in your mouth comforting? Ishita wasn’t crazy about these noodles either, she ate less than half the pack, letting me take the calorific burden, and of course because it had green peas and bits of coriander leaves in it it was in her world toxic waste that needed to be plucked clean off the noodles before considering putting it in the mouth…an epic fail into tricking her into eating a gram of vegetables.

I know some people like these atta noodles, and the taste is far from bad, after all we are talking about the same old Maggi Masala flavour here, but if you force yourself to eat this Maggi instead of the regular just because of the health claim…stop it, go back to what you like, eat it in moderation and rest assure a sandy feeling in whole wheat pasta is not normal at all and that no you should not suck it up in the name of health, and certainly not in this case where there are no added health benefit attached to this noodle.

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  1. Jenna1:15 AM

    I'm not a huge fan of Maggi Noodles... Have you tried Wei Wei noodles? I enjoy them.

  2. I remember tasting wai wai noodles when I first arrived in India in 2003, they didn't leve such an outstanding impression on me though, but I haven't tasted them since then, they are on my list of noodles to try, but I might have to go to a different supermarket to find them, the one in my area doesn't have them.

  3. lol... finally you have cleared the air and told us what most of us have been suspecting for long but not bothering to check : that atta version is no better for our health :D

    I stick to this in my cupboard like your sister in law instead of the normal one due to the one gram of dehydrated veggies in the pack. Unlike your daughter, my husband feels he is eating some veggies along with noodle-junk and not just noodle-junk : so while he continues to eat junk, his mind is at ease at the least :D

    Of course, I could prepare noodles with real, fresh veggies - but we are looking for instant gratification when we decide to have maggi noodles within the advertised two minutes of preparation and no one wants to spend 10 mins of prep with veggies that need to be cooked.

  4. exactly tossing real fresh veggies in regular noodles just negates the instant gratification that noodles are all about in the first place, I never bother myself, I just enjoy the taste of my noodle junk as it is, knowing that it's definitely not food for health but does wonder on the soul on a gloomy day :-)

  5. If atta noodles is same as regular ones in terms of health then I believe Maggi Oats is no different than both regular & aata noodles as the nutritional details are not much different but it doesn't taste as good as regular Maggi & atta so how to determine whether it is healthy or not. I need to know because I am involved in a diet plan & as per it I need to eat oats & oat meal is not at tasty, while Maggi oats on the other hand still tastes good because of its masala. What should conclude about Maggi oats?

    1. You need to know how much carbohydrate and fat your diet plan allows in a day to begin with.

      Why only oats and oat meal? Is there any doctor orders that tells you to do so?
      I am insulin resistant and I favour low glycemic index grains over refined one but I don't limit myself to just one type of grain.

      I have never tasted maggi oats, but seriously, treat every single instant noodle food out there as JUNK.
      It's packed with calories and very little nutritional benefit. Since you asked about oats, you are better off eating a serving of "masala oatmeal", you can either make your own porridge and add masala and veggies to it, or buy these single serving packets of masala oats.

      The Saffola masala oats has 156 calories per servings. It either make for a great stand alone snack, or if you serve it with a nice serving of vegetables on the side, it makes for a nice fulling and nutritious meal.

      Know that in every type of instant noodles, you are dealing with refined grains that have been flash fried to make them cook faster. So your noodles are not only made with a mix of refined flour grains, it is also loaded with a lot of very unhealthy fats.


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