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Nissin Top Ramen Chicken noodles

11:25 AM


I realise that is two Just Noodling posts almost back to back, but DH has been sick and at home, taking possession of my laptop as his for some reason refuse to connect to internet at a decent enough speed, and I write best when in peace, quiet and solitude, so there you go another noodle review.
This one is from Nissin, the same label that brought the cup noodles to India and their yummy pani puri flavour (which my local supermarket ran out of and didn’t restock…boo). Like the cup noodles this product is manufactured in India, which means the flavour might be modified to suit the Indian palate as in comparison to the same chicken noodles they might sell in other countries.

And frankly at this point I struggle to come up with something nice to say about it, the taste maker smelled more of chilli than anything else, and certainly not chicken, the taste of the noodle has a vague chicken-y taste the first second it hits the taste bud, but is almost immediately covered by an overpowering burning taste of chilli that lingers to no end, and in my case made me struggle with the idea of throwing the whole thing in the dust bin, but waste not want not, so I ate it, submitting myself to a whole bowl of torture noodles, so much so that the nicest thing I could say about these noodles is : Horrendous.
Not all is tasty in the instant noodle world, and this one is so far the worst I’ve put in my mouth, my advice to anybody would be to not waste 10 rupees on this one, unless you like scorching chilli taste in the first place, but then you might get a better flavour out of “Maggi Thrillin’ Curry Noodles” then.

Here is a short blog post, but these particular noodles do not deserve much more than that.


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