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When it comes to domestic airline companies, there is enough to choose from, and they more or less offer the same fare price given 1-2 thousands rupees, the difference between the “low cost” and the “premium” is if you book well in advance not even significant enough. And over the years I’ve flown with most of them across the country: Jet Airways, Sahara before it became Jet Lite, Kingfisher, Spice jet and Jet Lite when it stopped being Sahara, and of course Indigo which is the topic of this post.
I flew Indigo only 3 times, mainly because that is one of the very few companies flying to Lucknow in the first place, and that in the recent past we didn’t have the time luxury to do any length by train. Bute those 3 times between last November and this July were all the best domestic flight experience I had.
So what exactly makes Indigo so much more enjoyable than all, especially since it considers itself a low cost airline?
Well simply put, they manage to make flying fun, and I’m not talking about them goofing around with safety and their staff cracking jokes, I’m talking about the effort they put into inserting some colourful quirky notes in their food packaging.
Like on all low cost airlines, you pay for your food as an extra, no free snacks is provided on board, the only thing free is the water per glass (you pay if you want your bottle). But where it differs from other airline, and I’m talking even the premium ones that stiff offer free food, it’s that not only does the food taste better, it also looks good…visually.
What they understood better than anybody else in the industry is that people don’t eat food on board a plane because they are hungry, but to kill time. And I think any of you can relate about the non-hungry thing, face it in Mumbai you have to be in airport at check in nearly 2 hours before the flight takes of, and in all that time you probably already killed time on the ground drinking coffee and eating a snack or two, filling your tum for a couple of hours. The average flight time is around 1.5 hours and any normal human being who ate a muffin and drank a coffee on the ground will not need to eat more until they land at the destination, but yet serving food in the air has become pretty much an institution, because there is no better way to keep 200 passengers happy and quiet. other airlines serve you the standard remix of a dal-roti-rice-sabji (or chicken if you opted for the non-veg), a fruit salad or pudding for dessert, and if you are travelling in the morning a sad excuse of a gummy looking blob you are supposed to call an omelette or a paratha, you end up eating it because it’s free on premium airlines, and in the case of Jet Lite or Spice jet you give it a miss because it’s overpriced, and do not look good, beside these low cost let you carry snacks on board anyway. Why would anyone not hungry or super bored buy a nearly 200 bucks meal served in a standard aluminium thin with plastic cutlery?…My point exactly.
But look at just how the cashew nut and cookie tins they sell on Indigo look like:


I mean just LOOK at them? And tell me they aren’t irresistible, these are part of the all day munchies selection that come in collectible re-usable tins you like to carry back home simply for the cute factor. Munching on cookies on a flight is often all one need with a cup of tea to kill time, the cookies are priced 50 rupees for 5 pieces, the cashew 100 for a serving. And don’t you love they labelled the cashew nut box “Nut Case”…now you see what I mean when I said quirky.
And the collector boxes are only one thing, all their food packaging is unique to the food item they carry, be it the tins or the disposable sandwich wrappers, they even made you want to try a new sandwich in every flight just to see what all the packages look like, from the cardboard pop art style corn chips tubes, the the Vegetable sub sandwich that comes in a blue box with a yellow submarine on it, and a little story of a yellow sub that wanted to learn how to fly instead of swim, to some Indian wrap thing that come packaged in a giant matchbox with some Indian pop art design and fun lines to read. They make your 170+ sandwich FUN and they also do taste good, much better than some I had in other eateries on the ground.
I’m willing to bet that people flying Indigo are more likely to by food than on other low cost just because they made the food appealing in so many way, and that ladies and gents is how a low cost airline makes some of its profit, it’s all in their interest to make passenger want to have food on board, and that if you want to have some edge over all the other low cost the last thing you want to do is cut down too much on service.
So my reason to like Indigo might be shallow, I don’t really care, I'm only human, and if a cookie tin keeps me smiling on a flight…then fine by me (not that I get to eat many of them in the first place, Ishita loves them too)


  1. OurGlobalLove12:23 PM

    Indigo's packaging is really cute! The packaging can make all the difference in making a sale and making the product appealing to consumers. I'm glad to hear you like Indigo. I'm trying to convince DH to take them instead of Kingfisher next time we go. Glad you had a safe trip and that the packaging gave a boost to your traveling spirit!

  2. Well Kingfisher is in a big financial poo poo at the moment, they have reduced the frequency of their flights to many destinations too, this time around it's the first time I have seen a single Kingfisher plane on the tarmac in Mumbai, or a single flight attendant roaming the airport for that matter. DH and I wonder if they even still operate from and to Mumbai at all on a regular basis.

    Indigo's packaging never fail to put a smile on my face, let's face it every airlines take you from A to B, so bonus to the one that makes the trip a bit less boring.

  3. I took an Indigo flight to Delhi in January this year.. :( I did not know about these cute packaging :) I would definitely like to own one of these tins :D Wont miss it the next time...

  4. There is definitely a big cute factor with these tins :-) It's written on the menu card that the cookies and cashews all come in a collectible reusable tin, but they don't put the pictures leaving the element of surprise, on this trip I also saw they do "atta biskoot" in the tins too...I will have to get these on the next trip just to see what the box looks like

  5. AnotherKiranInNYC6:39 PM

    Now if they would only allow foreign credit cards for ticket purchases and not cause ticketing snafu's at their end, I could try their cute packaging.

  6. It used to work with foreign credit cards on Make My trip, my cousin purchased some last November to head to Goa from our place, but I think since then Indigo has cut ties with make my trip, they are still with other travel booking portals I think though

  7. Did you know that IndiGo is the only Indian airline currently making a profit?

  8. A Merican Punjaban PI7:10 AM

    Lol, love the tins! You're right, they are irresistible. I've only flown Air India and Etihad in the East. There was very little difference between the two. Etihad had more expensive food to serve and slightly wider seats. The air hostesses were really great on Etihad too. Of course, Etihads employees don't go on strike all the time.

  9. Yes I knew that too :-) and it doesn't really surprise me, of all the domestic airlines they are the only one that understood what matters when it comes to service.


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