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Cup Noodles Tangy Chicken

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This variant of cup noodle comes in the tall cup I knew from back home, and in fact is the NOODLE version, both the pani puri and Manchurian versions are half cups and labelled noodle soup, even though there isn’t really that much “soup” in them, personally I see the difference in sizes as a small indulgence versus a jumbo one, the full cup has a massive amount of calories compared to the half “soup noodle” cups.
I was hesitant to try this one, namely because the Nissin’s Top Ramen in the chicken flavour left me with only the word Horrendous to describe them, but hey I vowed myself to taste all the noodles one can find on the market in India, local or imported, and it means having to risk a few taste buds in the process…oh well!

In true cup noodle style, this one comes with it’s share of dehydrated bits, namely vegetables, and the smell of the try product definitely has some zing, it’s tangy all right!
The day I tested it I was pretty sleep deprived thanks to my daughter turning her whole sleep/wake schedule upside down, so I was just not capable to prepare any other grub, now that I have an electric kettle it was just a matter of pressing the start button on it to heat the water, and waiting the 3 minutes it takes for the noodle to fluff once the water has been added to them. The smell was citrusy in nature, which is probably where the tangy part of the name comes from.
Taste wise, I don’t know where the chicken taste is really, I put all my sleepy neurones together to try finding the comforting chicken stock flavour in there in vain, but the spices and flavours are well balanced in it so that the finished product is tasty enough, which left me reassured not to have to deal with the same hot fiasco that were the Top Ramen Chicken noodles. Would I buy this variant again? No, not because it tastes bad, but because I just can’t justify the higher than other brands of noodles calorie content, there is nothing that screams “Oh so yummy” that would make me want to go for these ignoring the calories, especially since it’s labelled “chicken” and I failed to taste that in them.
But like all cup noodle variant, they are travel friendly, all you need to find is hot water and carry a fork with you, and that was if you read the whole just noodling series the reason why my father used to keep the prawn variant on our sailboat in Switzerland (I refer you to the pani puri taste review to get the story).


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