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11:50 AM

Ishita’s school is celebrating Independence Day today, a day before the actual day as the 15th is a National holiday. To make it special for our tiny tots they have to come dressed in the 3 flag colours: orange, white and green. Ishita already got to dress the part for Republic Day in January, so I expected things would go the same for Independence day.
The problem though, is that the white trousers I used the last time were too small, the pastel orange t-shirt threatening on becoming short but still wearable, and all I had left green was a hair tie, I have a white t-shirt, but nothing in any of the colours for the bottom.
Fortunately I knew the drill, and the school also make a point of giving us a circular listing all the activities and theme days at the beginning of each month, and with the sale going on, I thought that would be simple enough to find something. Except that girl’s wear doesn’t come in a lot of colour around here: pink, purple and white pretty much rule supreme with a dash of red, and a sea of denim bottoms. Sure they had green t-shirts…but I already have an orange and a white home! And you can only wear one at a time, I wanted a white or green bottom, preferably green because white gets dirty fast and is a PITA to keep clean.
Now last year I wrote an entry about the difficulties to find shorts for girls, fortunately a year later the fashion changed and you find far more in this department, but finding a bottom that is not pink or denim is pretty much turning into a quest for the holy grail. I tried firstcry, but online shopping for Ishi’s clothes is tricky, because she is so skinny, and the only thing green I found was a 600 rupees lime green denim skirt…nope not paying that price not being sure it will fit or not, and she isn’t hot about skirts, so something that will be worn a handful of time at that price…no thanks. Ishi loves dresses (but not skirts) but dresses come only in flowery prints in the hue of pinks and purple, no tricolour dresses…darn!
We abandoned the online idea and stormed the stores, no luck in Lifestyle, their Max department that has funky colour closed because they are opening an outlet…soon (fine but we need it NOW), so we headed to Westside, whcih has a nice theme of Red White and Blue going on…too bad we don’t live in US, and don’t celebrate the same Independence day with the same colours! So we were left with Shopper’s Stop, there we found lots of cute things on sale: in red, pink and purple, no green or orange bottoms in sight. until we headed to their Mothercare section, and of course the ONLY bottom in the right hue was not on sale: 999 for a pair of girly green shorts! Ishita fortunately was all over them, and she loves shorts, so when we buy some we know they last long enough to go threadbare before she fills them up at the waist, and that particular pair of short not only had a belt ( a must with her tiny waist) it also had an adjustable elastic band inside to make sure they fit even the skinnier 3 years old. Knowing that they fit and she loved them made me feel better shelling 1k on them really, beside I had points on my first citizen cards, and DH’s Citibank credit card that covered the costs meaning that out of the total of 2k of clothes we bought in that store on sale (anticipating the growth of our little girl) we only paid about 300 out of our own pocket, the elusive green coloured bottom came up free, and it can’t be any sweeter than that. Of course I considered looking in the boy section, but there is surprisingly not much green there either…in pants and shorts that is, because you sure find a lot of tops in that palette.

Anyway happy to have found something green I went home, decided that the orange t-shirt could be used one last time, especially since all the prints on it are white, and I hid the precious shorts away to make sure they would not end up in the wash around D-day.
This morning I take the outfit out, while she had no problem with the t-shirt (she loves that top silly) she refused to put the shorts she liked so much in the store, nope, today was a day for: pink shorts…PINK. Had to try to explain it to her that no the Indian flag doesn’t have pink on it, and that her school was celebrating Independence day, and the shorts went up her legs, not without drama and sobs, and ended up with her begging for a tissue to wipe her nose clean and her looking at herself in the mirror with interest in the lift ride downstairs.
Wew crisis averted, I sent my desi girl in tricolour to school and there won’t be any need to petition for a change of flag colours in the future! Now maybe what children clothes designer need to get is that girls can wear other colours than pink, white, red and purple, and that yes bottoms should not be just denim.

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