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I won it all

1:03 PM

Time for a brag/praise post, I haven’t done one of these in a while and if you don’t like them, pardon me my indulgence, though if you are an expat, an expat to be in India or simply living in India there is one magazine and associated Facebook page I would recommend if you like all things pretty in your home : Goodhomes India.
In the beginning they used to be called BBC Goodhomes India and along the way got to ditch the BBC part.
I found out about them interestingly through a Facebook ad first, when I was still living in Navi Mumbai and I loved the magazine, it was none of these same old same old designer revues full of glitzy palaces and marbles and things that basically no one can replicate in their own home, nope, Goodhomes give you sensible tips to beautify your space, and tons of addresses, gadgets reviews, trinkets, prices and what not…for the interior decorator that still sleep in me after all these years since my studies, this is one of these little pleasure mag I come back to month after months, though I haven’t subscribed yet and am not sure I will, because each time I did so, I got bored after a few month, I guess buying from the news stand makes more sense to me. If you are planning to relocate to India, you can still subscribe to the e-copy and get acquainted with what is available in the standards you are likely to be used in the West. And do go like their facebook page…I urge you. And if you like them and live in India, you can’t miss their contests, they have some very regularly and the wins are great, I should know, I won a few myself (that’s the bragging…right there!)
Just this morning the courier guy brought me my latest win:


The win in question is this sleek silver candle stand made of stainless steel from the brand Magpie. But there are two more past contest prize from their page on this picture: The square metallic photo frame on the left, and the tall white vase from Ebony Gautier behind the candle stand. But these 3 are not the only prizes I got from them, I participate in almost all their contests, and while there are many I didn’t win anything, here are two more things I did win:


This is a set of two tilted nut bowl (bigger than my cereal bowls though) again from the brand Magpie, I actually don’t use them often because they are quite big and once I started with munchies I rarely stop until the bowl is empty, but they are great when having guests over.


And this one was actually one I picked up myself as the prize was a gift voucher of 1000 rupees in Ebony Gautier, I remember buying it along with some floating candles at the time, now I use this metallic leaf bowl as my munchies bowl.

What I like with winning these contests is that you never really know in advance what you are going to win, so you get a surprise opening it at home. And all of these are stuff I would never have bought otherwise because they aren’t exactly the cheap things, Magpie alone is one of these brands selling stainless steel items in a higher price range.
And then then I brag about it because believe it or not, before joining this Facebook page I have never EVER won anything in any contests in my entire life….not even a lousy t-shirt in a lucky draw…you know the type where there is one or two big prizes and then about 100’000 key chains and t-shirts…nope I have never even been in the 100k people winning small. So winning several cute stuff for my home in the course of the past year and a half…YAY!

There brag over!


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