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11:21 AM

As a kid, the only “ice cream” I liked were popsicles, preferably in crazy colours, and shape. The fruity watery kind, the kind that really does cool you down.
Growing up I developed a taste for the creamy variety too, they have more taste, more chunky stuff in and you can get them in fancy desserts such as banana splits and sundaes, dripping with hot fudge sauce.
The problem with these are that they are not as refreshing, and are high in calories, so I tend to stay away from it. Even in the heat of the Mumbai Sumer I resisted storing too much of it at home, finding other way to keep cool, and when I got one I went for the popsicle type, bought at the local store and rushed back home to savour in the comfort of my cool home. The issue is that you need to walk back home fast for it not to melt too much, and the idea of walking all the way to the store in scorching heat isn’t too appealing.
In Switzerland there was a solution to this: refillable popsicle cups, you fill them with what you want, put them in the freezer and voila! Icy treat in your home, anytime.
That was before one of my friend who is a Tupperware distributor came to my place to bring me some other Tupperware products I ordered and showed me some of the new ones she had with her…turned out there was one of the popsicle set in her bag, needless I took it and here is how it looks:


This is one of their product that is a come and go and has temporary offer, the last time they had it she bought a few to stock them up, and fortunately she had that one left. It’s a 6 cup set, and I got it from her for 425 as she had a promotion going. At this price it’s a steal, because popsicles in stores cost about 25-30 rupees depending the flavour and brand, this one I can re-use endlessly and fill it with exactly what I want. The advantage is that you have far more control over the sugar and fat amount, you can make your own milk based flavours, fill it with soft drinks if you wish, pure juice, flavoured water…you name it! Each cup contains about 45ml of liquid, which means that even if you decided to make popsicles with sprite it’s still less calories than when you pour yourself a full glass of the stuff, the advantage being that after finishing one popsicle you satisfied your taste buds, I dare you to pour yourself 45 ml of sprite in a glass drink it and not feeling like you need more! It comes from the fact drinking is a much faster act than licking ice, you take in a huge amount of fluid for the same taste as one lick on an ice lolly. And of course making your own means you can control what goes in it, this time around I made them with homemade “nimbu pani” aka home made lemonade, one tall glass fills all the cup, so 2 limes, and one table spoon of sugar is all I needed to make them, no preservative, no added colours! Before that we used mango juice and Ishi would eat half a popsicle and I would finish it for her.
With the hot and humid months of post monsoon approaching I have a feeling we will put that thing to great use.  
Beside Ishita loves them because the handle is shaped like Mickey Mouse, you can’t beat that!


  1. I love popsicles

  2. I love them too, so getting these moulds was definitely a worthy investment.

  3. Navya2:18 PM

    Hey there, I am getting these popsicle sticks too :) I have never really had them (aren't they called GOLAS because I was never sure about the quality of water used but I love the sound of home-made ones - definitely better to counter my weight gain when compared to icecreams :) Do share your family's fav popsicle recipes in your other food blog , I ll keep a watch for them... Btw, did I read that right - you filled the popsicle moulds with just Sprite and it was yummier than drinking Sprite from the bottle? Ah, I must try that.

  4. A friend of mine tried the sprite, I did nimboo pani so far, and it's yummy, one popsicle is enough to satisfy my tastebuds :-). My cousin recently made a batch of milk and banana ones back in Switzerland, I will have to ask her that recipe, it looks yummy. We did a mango juice batch that was good too, I need to try other fruit juices too. The fun thing with these moulds is that you can conduct all kind of experiements in taste with them :-)


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