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11:48 AM

A little over a year ago, I wrote about the ordeal of cleaning my wardrobe and how delusional women are about their too small clothes.
And as sure as season turn, I went through that exercise yet again, not that I have much in the matter of too small clothes left to begin with, but DH deciding to straighten his own wardrobe inspired me to do the same, expect that this time I decided that the insanity had to stop once and for all.
I had a few pieces I kept from last year that were in the “almost fitting category” they remained in that category the whole year and this time instead of asking myself if they were worth keeping in the even I would loose weight, I asked myself “Do I even miss them? Or like them” I tried some on, and realised that even with the 3-4kg I had to loose to fit nicely in them, there was no way in hell I would want to wear them. They were out of style, not to my taste anymore and some seriously frumpy anyway, so they went into the giveaway bag.
Then I went through my pile of woollen sweaters, I never get to wear them in Mumbai as it really doesn’t get that cold, I used to wear them in Bangalore occasionally, and for most I haven’t even worn them the last time we went to Delhi and Manali in December 2009. In fact there were some I bought for a back then pending trip to Finland in 2006 that never happened. Back then in an effort to be more or less ready for colder climates the minute I landed in Helsinki I bought whatever was remotely Winter gear with less regards as to whether it looked amazing on me or not. The trip got cancelled as DH’s company pulled him out of the project to put him in another, and with it a nice pile of sweaters I didn’t really like sat in the wardrobe forever. I never really felt like giving them away, because they were nice, new and I paid good money for them, and the frugal me is against wasting money. But I haven’t worn them once since buying them, they have been through 3 moves across the country, catching dust, and possibly mold. After each monsoon I would wash them to refresh them, so they would then go back gather more dust in my wardrobe…time to break the cycle.
This time they all went to the give away bag, along with jeans I bought 7 years ago and were fitting back then but really not feeling great on my body (why I hang to them so long is a mystery considering they don’t fit at all now).
Energized from my sudden newfound whiff of common sense I attacked the pile of salwaar suits.
I almost never wear them anymore, when I do I prefer a new colourful well fitting short to medium length kurta paired with stretch churidars, and I haven’t worn a dupatta in ages. Yet an entire shelf in my wardrobe was crammed silly with nice suits and frumpy ones, too tight and too baggy ones, and a million chiffon dupatta that came with my sets when I still used to buy sets. I took the whole lot down, anything that screamed auntie-ji took the bag plunge. Gone the parachute salwaars and kurti, the faded ones and the million frumpy dupattas. I kept what still had a shape and style, and yup even a few dupatta that always come handy while travelling by train or going around in Lucknow. And most definitely gone anything that I had not worn in over 3 years, ALL gone!
I was left with a monster bag of clothes, and very little left to wear actually. Which pretty much explain why I am always in the same outfit.
In the past year I lost two dear linen pants I bought in 2008 in Switzerland, they wore out to the point of being thread bare. One more pair of pants is threatening to break apart and needs a little patch up, leaving me with 2 pairs of light weight winter pants, 2 pairs of jeans I never wear, 2 pairs of cotton capri I wear all the time, one pair of denim shorts I love, one pair of denim capri I equally love, and one pair or sturdy not totally flattering but how practical hiking bermudas. Ideally I should find myself a pair of long Summer pants but I haven't come across anything nice here in India. I have a nice pile of frumpy cotton tees to wear around the home and at night, only 3 t-shirts that are outdoor wear material, a stunning emerald green halter top I bought in Switzerland but am shy to wear around in India and my 4-5 short kurti I wear daily, with 2-3 fancier tops to wear on special semi-formal occasion. So I pretty much have an excuse to go shopping, if only I liked clothes shopping to begin with. But the next time I see something nice I won’t have to wonder if I really need it, by then I probably a few of my now daily wear pieces will have started to look frumpy.

The bag of clothes went to my maid who was super happy and thanked me profusely as she has growing kids about to hit their teenage years who can use my western wear, and she will put my ethnic wear to good use herself.


  1. Navya8:12 PM

    You have a way with words :) "anything that screamed auntie-ji took the bag plunge" -- everything I wear right about now fitting my 39 week pregnant body screams auntie-ji LOL that description really brought a huge grin to my face and lit up my otherwise boring wait for labor, thanks.

    Congrats on the purge. I should hopefully do the same 6 months later after evaluating the optimistic weight loss I foresee at the moment :D

  2. Oh I remember those days :-) I think at 39 weeks of all my maternity wear only 2 pants fit comfortably and looked good enough, even my XXL kurti were threatening to be tight, and the two stretch tank tops I liked so much were stretched to their limit, the only maternity top that didn't make me look like an auntie was the one and only one I bought from Mothercare, I think the last month of pregnancy alone that one was in the wash every other days LOL which made the 1500 bucks I spent on it so worth it in just these 30 days, and I wore it a lot in the 20 weeks or so of pregnancy I owned it, even wore it after giving birth for the first 3 months because it did hide the flap without making me look too shapeless LOL
    But yeah I started fitting back into all of my clothes 6 months post delivery and back then I was so happy getting rid of the old fat clothes :-)

  3. The only ones I didn't fit back in post pregnancy were teh one that were already on the tigth side pre-pregnancy and I hang to in delusional hope I would ever fit in them again.

  4. Navya2:08 PM

    You are giving me hope that I will fit back into all my pre-pregnancy clothes 6 months later, I hold on to the dream at the moment because it seems so far away from reality :) your description of the last few months of pregnancy is absolutely like mine , been wearing 2-3 kurtis that really suit my over-sized body over and again , and nothing else really fits quite right unfortunately... yes we are all delusional about a few sentimental pieces but I think gaining such a huge amount of weight like during a pregnancy actually puts a certain level of perspective on realistic weight loss :D For eg: today, I can most definitely get rid of the stretch jeans (size 28) which made me look taller and slimmer during college - that I have been holding on to for more than 10 years now - I would have to lose a little more than 35 kg to get into it today and that is not a realistic goal anytime in the near future :) see - new realistic perspective thanks to pregnancy :D

  5. Yeah it's just last year that I got rid of a few trousers I brought with me from Switzerland in 2003, they were a size 8 which was though to fit into in 2006, but for my defence then to shift back and forth between a size 10-12 so it wasn't too far from my old days slimness LOL But realistacally even if I go back to a weight close to what I was in my early 20's pregnancy does modify the body in many ways, my hips are probably going to be wider permanently, so crunching myself into slim fit pants makes no sense :-)

  6. Navya9:44 PM

    Ah I forgot all about the permanently wider hips, one more perk of pregnancy, really makes you wonder about all those things we accommodate just because we want a child so badly :)
    My mom once told me during an argument with her way back in my rebellious teenage years that I would truly understand all the sacrifices a mom does for a child after I become a mom myself. I would not forget that statement all these years even though back then I had just brushed it off with a witty statement like moms never get their teenage daughters due to the generation gap...

    I needed to get pregnant today before I could truly understand what she meant back then - a statement I should reserve for my own teenage child while he/she is going through a rebellious phase!

    Forgive me for being sappy and relating every topic to pregnancy :) What can I say, I am heavily pregnant suffering from obvious pregnancy hormones!

    Oh BTW, can I have your email id? So I can get in touch with you in private, if you don't mind that is... You could send me a test-email on my email id if you are interested... Else I could keep commenting here :)


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