A miracle to the rescue

12:57 PM

Today I am having one of these days where my mind is a junction with too much traffic, million ideas, million projects, not enough time to think and feeling exhausted at the thoughts of sorting it all out while being exasperated at not being able to get at least one thing sorted out straight.
It’s one of these days when my brain’s external drive comes in handy, I always jot down ideas in there, some silly, some not. Today it’s time for a trivial one, because frankly I’m not up for much else, but my fingers were still itching to write, staring at a blank page on my screen didn’t get the thoughts sorted out in my head so I doubt writing on something a bit more elaborated that I took notes of in my book will work better. The first one on my list of silly rescue topics is my face cream, and I remember writing it down because I actually never thought that one would work as good as it does.

The face cream in question is this one:


See when the idea stroke I even took a picture!
Pond’s Age Miracle, that’s the name, and it is an anti-ageing cream, I’m not that old, and I don’t have wrinkles..yet, but my skin is a terribly dry one, in winter it’s torture, in Summer it’s still dry enough to be irritated by the sweat and give me rashes, that’s how bad it is. Now for years I have used all kind of cold creams, even tried Nivea (which funnily gave me even more rashes). In India I have tried all kind of Lakme creams, even the Pond’s cold cream. They all work to some extent but never long enough to keep me comfy, especially not in the Winter. As a kid my mom used to smear my cheeks in Peru balsam to keep them from turning tomato red and crack, as a teen dry skin had a perk though, I didn’t get as many zits as my peers (but wasn’t spared, just got less). While in India my cheeks are not as inflamed by the cold as in Switzerland (unless going to Manali) it’s still pulling, and I still have a stick of that same old trusted Peru balsam in my fridge (courtesy of family visiting) for emergencies. The problem is that it’s a sticky thing, and unless it’s cold outside, it’s not working too well on my face. So i had to find a solution.
Last year before shifting to Mumbai the monsoon brought some nice cold air in Bangalore, and with it my pulling skin problem. This time I decided that since regular moisturizing cream didn’t work I had to try something else. And I remembered that anti ageing creams are often richer and thicker than normal cream because the first sign of ageing is dryness of the skin, so with this logic in mind, why not give it a try? I picked up that one because it was the most affordable in that category, that way if it didn’t work on my painful skin then I wasn’t stuck with an over priced jar of creamy goo. Beside I am of those who aren’t easily won over by marketing promises, the whole get young again in 7 days….not my thing, all I wanted was to get a cooperative skin.
I remember feeling in bliss land at the first application, it’s was thick, creamy, hydrating but not oily the way some intense moisturization regular cream felt. Then the second surprise was that the feeling lasted beyond a couple of hours…in fact it did last almost the whole day! Just had to reapply at night and I was done, nice non-pulling skin, problem solved. if you ask me still today, that’s all I need. I kept using it, even in Mumbai where the skin felt less itchy in the monsoon induced over humid climate, and that is when I noticed that not only did my skin stopped pulling and reddening at the cheeks, it also looked firmer and plump and pretty much dare I say it? ….Younger.
Darn! That I didn’t see coming, a few weeks into using it, it was proving me that some of this whole marketing promises thing was to some extent true. Now I don’t think I noticed the change in the first 7 days, but I haven’t really paid attention, and beside I don’t have the fine line and age spots it claims to remove, probably too young for them to be on my face, but yes indeed my skin was firmer a couple of weeks into using it.
I still use it today, I forgot on occasion during the monsoon, but i still use it, my skin has never been happier, in Winter I need to use morning and evening without fail, but I didn’t need my Peru balm last year, and I didn’t suffer sweat induced rashes on my face this past Summer.
At 299 rupees a pot that is definitely costlier than your average regular face cream, but if you have a super sensitive skin, I’d say go upgrade to it, or probably any anti ageing cream of your liking, they are indeed richer and protect a delicate skin much better than others, then if you get the added bonus of a younger looking skin like I did, then fine. I’m still not sure if I would pin all my hope on these should I start getting wrinkles, it seems much better to admit to the inevitable truth: we get older everyday and it comes with cosmetic side effect. The issue I needed to tackle with was a physically painful skin, should a wrinkle come I will not sweat over it, I already have welcomed the grey hairs on my head without freaking out.


  1. Sigh......
    I have to admit that I am a skin & hair care product junkie.
    I try EVERYTHING from the super expensive like Estee Lauder, La Mer, & La Prairie to the moderate (Kiehl's Body Shop, L'Occitane) to the cheap (Lakme, Johnson & Johnson, Garnier).
    I have to say though- these relatively inexpensive anti-aging skin care products being put out by Pond's (Age Miracle), Oil of Olay (Regenerist) & L'Oreal (Youth Code) are ALL very good products that rival even the most expensive brands I've tried.
    Yes, they do cost a bit more than the some of the cheaper brands- but they really do what they say if you use them consistently. My 'mask of pregnancy' has nearly faded away & like you stated they do effectively deal with the dryness (and hopefully are preventing the fine lines that dryness can cause).

  2. I tend to be pretty basic when it comes to cosmetics, if it's too specific I tend to forget to use it regularly, so I keep it down to the absolute essentials I need. I now can say I really can't live without that Age Miracle thing, I actually wished I switched to rich moisturizing anti-ageing creams long time back, would have spared my skin the agony of pulling and cracking every Winters, no other regular non-anti-ageing cream out there has been able to deal with the dryness of my skin the way that one does.

  3. Hélène7:22 PM

    I have a sensitive dehydrated combination skin, so it's difficult to find a good cream. For the past few months I've been on a detox diet and it has a miraculous effect on my skin ; less rashes, less dryness, incredible ! Basically I'm doing a gluten-free dairy free diet with lots a herb teas, and green leafy veg.

  4. Wow recently I have been wondering about gluten since I'm going through a bad bout of IBS maybe I should give it a try.

  5. Apparently gluten and dairy are often the culprits behind persistent tummy troubles.

  6. Arobindo Gupta11:54 AM

    my granny had ckd and hence dry paper thin skin needing moisyurising lotion. the doctors gave her a mixture of water, oil, glycering and hydrogen peroxide. i dont know the percentage of mixing but you can try to mix all of them except the peroxide. i tried and it works better than any moisturising lotion


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