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Cup Noodles Manchurian

12:46 PM


Time clear the backlog of noodles again, this time another variant of the Nissin cup noodles. Like the pani puri variety, this is actually a SOUP noodle, not a full regular cup noodle like the chicken ones I reviewed already, it contains only 50 grams so is pretty much half the calories of a bigger pack, if you are in the market for some indulgence but still want to keep it manageable calorie wise, this is the size you might want to go for. Like the pani puri one, the packaging is cleverly made to make your brain think you are having a full meal (like the good old diet trick of using quarter plates instead of full dinner plates to hold your food).

There is almost no smell from the dry product, like for the pani puri flavour, you need to add the boiling water to release the aroma, and the smell is then very pleasant and has definitely the notes of the Manchurian flavour people in India are familiar with. If you have stumbled on my blog just now, Manchurian is a flavoured gravy that is part of the Indo-Chinese cuisine palette, and yes there is such a thing as an Indo-Chinese cuisine, I reviewed another Manchurian noodle in the past and explained it there, you can read it here.
Taste wise this noodle type is much much better than the Ching’s secret brand ones. Even though the noodles still aren’t close to have the texture and taste of something that has dipped into a Manchurian gravy, the oodles are at least in the soup the whole time which is probably what makes them tastier. That said it is not a big favourite of mine, and I actually tasted this one on two occasion, once for this review, but prior to that it was one of the many urban camping meals I inflicted upon myself in August 2011 when we were in the process of relocating to Mumbai from Bangalore. You know the infamous move that drained me out of all energy and had me hit the relocation wall. We stayed 3 days in our totally empty flat in Bangalore with a dog and a cranky toddler, with only one hot plate, a small pan and a few paper cups. While we ate out a few times, a few meals were spent at home, I needed something that would not require much preparation, and yes since I had some instant tomato soup packets but no mugs to pour them into I needed the cup noodle container. The supermarket back then only had the Manchurian variety, and in all the exhaustion induced haze, I remember that even back then I found that variety “just ok” not outstanding, but not bad either. As for Ishita, she refused to eat more than one fork full, so I guess this one is failing the fussy toddler test too.


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