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Koka Tomato Noodles

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I wanted to do a noodle review yesterday since it’s been a little while without any and I have a bunch of notes in my notebook. But I got stuck on the phone for 40 minutes with someone I didn’t even really wanted to chit chat with that much and by then all my energy was gone, so the noodle review is coming today.

First I’ve been putting off sampling tomato flavoured noodles for a while, from experience I know that what is “tomato flavoured” in India is likely to have a tomato KETCHUP taste, which I really don’t like much, I’ve never been a tomato ketchup fan ever, at the most I might dip a French fry in it now and then, but that stops there. So to ease my taste buds into the the tomato department I decided to first try Koka, because it’s the main imported brand of noodles in India and it’s likely to have a less ketchup-y taste than let’s say Maggi (I worry about sampling that one really), after all even lays potato chips have tomato flavoured ones that taste like they fell into a jar of the stuff.
I took advantage of the last month’s school set menu to prepare this one, because Noodles was on the tiffin menu one day a week and while Maggi noodles clump when cold, koka ones generally don’t, and that cut my own portion of noodles drastically too.
The taste make has a strong smell of tomato soup if you stick your nose in the pouch, that reassured me that the outcome would be less dreadful for my taste buds, while cooking the taste maker has a much more subtle smell than when opening the pack, which is another good thing for me.
Once cooked I sampled 3-4 forks of it and it was tasting just the right amount of sweet and sour in a very tomato soup like way, which was actually very pleasant considering I initially braced me for some nasties. It’s still not my favourite noodles, I won’t buy it again, because if I want some tomato flavour I can get it from tomato soup without that carbs and fat the noodles bring to it. If I am in for noodles that mean I did indeed decided to eat junk food and want all the junk without the illusion of health.
As for Ishita, she seemed to have liked it, the tiffin came back almost empty, and she got a little over half the content of the noodle pack in her box.


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