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Monday Blues…Really?

11:41 AM

One of the perks of working as a stay at home mom (yes it IS work) is that Monday blues doesn’t really exists when you have school aged kiddos. It is replaced by Monday High, at least for me and I am willing to bet a lot will nod several time reading it.
See as a mom you are on duty 7 days a week, there are no day off, and while yes weekends are usually family time and activity time, this is one of these days as a mom you don’t get much exclusive “Me time” if you get any at all.
Me time is precious, me time counts as much as family time, me time keeps a mom sane, me time happens only when everybody has left the house.
In my case, they are the 2.5 hours I get daily when she is in school, the 2.5 hours I know I can paint my nails without finding myself running for one of the many toddler emergencies, the 2.5 hours I know I can sit in front of my netbook and blog, the 2.5 hours I can pee without fear of hearing a screeching “mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” which could signal anything from my dog eating her snack to her wanting to get some paper to draw, or simply to make sure I didn’t fall into the toilet and got flushed away…apparently toilets are the portal to another dimension, moms should not be left in there alone…you get it, me time doesn’t mean doing big fancy things, it just mean really getting a breather.

Weekends are family time, there is mess, we don’t clean it, we go out ,take care of the groceries, eat less healthy food stuff, play…This is fun, this is a nice change in the routine, but this usually means that Monday morning I end up straightening the house, then drop Ishi in school and by then I just do nothing, just enjoy the bliss of finding back my daily break, the 2.5 hours that will energize me for the rest of the day and evening, the 2.5 hours I can organize, and plan things undisturbed.
My Me time falls after everybody left, husband at work, maid gone, daughter in school and all the assorted “wallas” have taken their turn ringing my doorbell, to deliver the milk, ask for the clothes to iron, take my garbage, cleaned my house…The doorbell goes mute until the evening…unless I ordered something from the internet that need to be delivered that is.
And just the thought of having these 2.5 hours that are mine for the taking and carry so much in possibilities is exhilarating, Monday is what brings that back.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and daughter, but I love myself too.
This weekend had been particularly crazy, DH was working on Saturday and Ishi was so hyper that I took her to the mall, there is a bouncy castle and a choo choo train she loves there, we then had fun at the food court eating Lebanese food, we then did a little shopping because while I was there I might as well pick up a few of the stuff I was planning to buy the next time I came near the mall. Then we came home after a whole afternoon there, happy but tired. Sunday it’s PMS that hit me with a massive blast, moodiness, crankiness and waterworks, something that only chocolate, diet coke and TV can solve, and required a grocery shopping trip to put into action.

All this making Monday a much welcome day in my week…


  1. wehearttravelling3:37 PM

    I was thinking of Monday Blues this morning too because I am not working at the moment and MB feel like a distant memory (albeit a bad one). Hope you have a good week.

  2. Thank you!
    My week is going good, a bit tiring but good.

  3. Hélène8:38 PM

    hehe I know what you mean :)

  4. gayatri10:49 PM

    I agree it is freetime for me provided my 3 month old daughter is asleep.

  5. Oh I remember these days :-) Enjoy them, they start sleeping less after they turn one years old, and by the time they turn 2 you get really happy to ship them to school even if this is just 2 hours LOL
    The 2 hours even become handy when you want to clean your kiddo's room and get rid of stuff you know they don;t play with but can't have them see you give away :-)


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