My take on the vegetable cutlet tiffin

12:25 PM

So since I refuse to stuff a lunchbox with just oily stuff and want the school to strongly get the message that I am less than ok with it, but still know that if Ishi sees she has no cutlet in her box she will want to eat out of her classmates' tiffin here is what I put in hers:


Yes you are seeing right, there is only ONE vegetable nugget, other than me refusing to adhere to their screwed healthy food agenda, I know perfectly well what my daughter likes, and she never takes more than a bite or two off any type of nuggets, at the most if she is hungry or inspired enough she will eat one whole one. Which means that boiling a potato to make a home made one, mashing it, adding other veggies to the mix end up making more than one, and I refuse to cook for the dustbin…period. Sure I could eat the other myself, but then that means I am the one eating a fried meal when at this point I really am working on loosing a few pounds and am anyway struggling with PCOS induced insulin resistance efficiently putting potato based fried stuff in a not so okay to eat category.
We have a bag of veg nuggets in the freezer, because yes there are days where all that is left to eat in the fridge are tomatoes and cucumber, and having one or two on the side of a healthy salad on occasion won’t kill anybody.
I added long moong sprouts and cherry tomatoes to the tiffin this morning, simply because these two are food stuff Ishita likes, she actually prefers alfalfa sprouts but the store is not always stocking it, when we find it we both feast on them.
Now really it comes as a no brainer that adding fresh salad veggies to a tiffin is far healthier than putting 3-4 nuggets with a side of tomato ketchup huh?


  1. Is that a second breakfast or an actual lunch? Yes,I freeze the mashed potato mix and then warm it up to make a patty as well. Sprouts are actual just seeds that were soaked in just water until they are big enough to get eaten. If you have the seeds,you can easily do it at home. All you need is a glass jar and a new stocking sock (nylon) that you put over the glass jar and secure with a rubber band. Take off fill the jar with water and add the seeds. Put the stocking over. Next day pour water out through the stocking and put in fresh water. Its not that hard. Lol you forgot to add tons of sugar on your tomatos,then it would be just as healthy as ketchup.I love salad and eat it every day, and am still living.

  2. @My Next Life, the problem with alfalfa is tht the only seeds I found were super costly, far more than buying the already sprouted ones from the store :-(
    Yeah it is indeed a no brainer to just add fresh veggies and and salad to a tiffin is healthier, but apparently the school is missing that part of the logic, I got to talk to the coordinator who just didn't get why I was so furious about the menu, at first she claimed the veg cutlets wasn't fried because it is cooked in a oil coated flat frying pan! Not a deep fryer! Seeing that she was loosing the argument she then said "Oh but you don't have to follow the set menu, it's not compulsory" uh? Not what we've been told when they started with it last year.

    Ishita isn't a super fan of tomato ketchup thankfully, because yup it's just tomato and sugar, not the healthiest thing ever.

  3. Just read all your posts tat I missed since the birth of my son :) someday u shd write a post on how you encourage good eating habits for ishi

  4. Congrats on the birth of your son :-)
    Yeah maybe I should write such a post, the truth is that I pretty much go by the principle that my dinning table and meal time aren't ruled by democracy LOL, she is still free to not eat the content of her plate, but nothing else will come as a substitute, and if she sin't hungry enough to eat what's on the plate, then she can wait until the next meal or snack :-)
    It's not like I'm cooking things that are offensive to the tastes of a 3 year old anyway, but if there is something like French fries on the plate, there is vegetables as well, because all starch should be a side dish and not a main course. The only green veggie she will eat is broccoli, we generally do them once a week, but if another day I do a lettuce salad or a methi salad, then it's still going on her plate, there are days she will even be inspired to nibble on one leaf LOL
    I seriously think that if you don't grow up being used to see variety on your plate, your chance of growing up to be a picky adult eater are bigger. I also don't scream, fret or cajole her into eating what's on the plate, if she is hungry she will eat, but if she skips a meal it's really not the end of the world, toddlers don;t starve themselves to death :-)

  5. I like this philosophy of not giving substitutes yet Nt forcing her to finish the contents of the plate .

    I was brought up under the philosophy that we are not allowed to leave the dining table without wiping clean the contents on our plate having a serving of each dish irrespective of our taste buds and my husband was brought up with the philosophy tat each kid has unique taste buds tat need to be encouraged even if tat means veggie cutlet over a carrot . Can u see a huge prob there ? :) anyway I like yours better , it is in between both the extremes tat were brought up in

  6. When I was a bit older than a toddler my mom did on occasion enforce sitting and finishing the plate thing to the hardcore point, but that was because we were pushing the enveloppe refusing to eat stuff at every meal. We were alloed one food stuff to have a substitute if it has been proven over time that the item was one that was pushing us to the gagging point, for me it was spinach, I have never really been able to swallow it, in any form, I even figured out that as a grown up my taste might have changed and tried it again...the smell of it is enough to make me gag and run to the bathroom, but that is really the only food I really can't eat, my mom was making another vegetable for me on spinach day, spinach was my sister's absolute favourite :-)


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