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I wrote a few weeks back about purging my wardrobe of all the things that are too small, frumpy, out of style and taste and possibly made me look like an auntie-ji. The purge seem to have spread to other areas of my house, inspired by a blog I found recently called the year of less, which you can read here, I applied some of her tips to my home, not all, because some are just not practical for me, and some are anyway common in India already. But still in the principle of my wardrobe purge, some other things just had to go, and it started with all the useless accessories coming with the food processor I bought in 2006. damn machine I use less and less now that it has no space to sit on my counter anyway. Some of the accessories were things I never used ever such as the citrus juicer thing, oranges that can be turned in OJ are so ridiculously priced in India that we buy the without sugar added juice carton anyway. There was the other fruit juicer attachment that I used once, and never again after realising that you need a truck load of fruit to make half a glass of liquid, and that the damn juicer would never come clean due to the design flaws making the pulp stick in inaccessible grooves, so much so that when I decided to trash it last week it was black with mold from that one time juicing adventure back in 2006! The grater plates took the plunge too, the food processor  (a Kenstar model if you must know) was so badly designed that it could not even grate a coconut as there was a gap of over one centimetres between the grater plate and the feeding hole, I ended up having to grate it by hand, and in fact even grating a bunch of carrots is going faster with a manual grater anyway. The egg white beater which I used before getting my electric beater also went, it wasn’t even doing a great job at it. And all I have left are the grinding and blending jars (which…yup…would be found on a mixie anyway), and I kept the chopping bowl and blade, for those now rare occasion of blitzing veggies away. Saved me lot’s of space in the kitchen cabinets! Our old vacuum cleaner died, and we bought a new one, because let’s face it, when the maid doesn’t come it saves us a lot of time, and we still needed one to clean the sofa, but this time instead of going for a big bulky one, we found one that is both a dust buster and floor cleaner when combined with the proper attachment, again saves us tons of space in the kitchen cabinets, and because it is less heavy to lug around, we already used it more in a week than we used the old one in the past 4 months.
A month ago I finally got  rid of all the music tapes we had, which if you ask me should have gone away years ago, but since we bought a docking station for our iPods 4-5 months ago, after DH finally realised that our stereo was useless as nothing except the tape player was working on it. We gave the thing to our maid, and I just recently got fed up with the shelves of tapes catching dust, so they all went away, next step would be to purge a few of the CDs as well, since we haven’t listened to one in quite sometime. Just yesterday I stumbled upon my old “minidisks”, if you are scratching your head at this one, well it’s because minidisks was a format that had some popularity in some European countries but never really took off outside Japan, it was in it’s time supposed to replace the audio tape, but launched around the same time as the basic MP3 players, and a few years before Steeve Job introduced us to the iPod. I took my portable player and disks to India with me in 2003, listened to it a bit over the years, until said player refused to work on battery, and as of now I don’t remember if I trashed the player already or not, so I decided to get rid of my disks, if the player shows up in another corner of my home, it will go, as I don’t have anything to play in it anyway.
Before attacking the obsolete Audio support collection, I also trashed all my make up, mascara and eyeliner being the exception. The reason being that two lipsticks are more than 10 years of age and I remember buying them as a teen in Switzerland! The other lot was stuff I purchased for our wedding in 2006. I rarely wear make up, if I do that’s just mascara and liner, which as i said I didn’t trash as I had to buy them for our daughter’s party last July, I haven’t worn foundation since my wedding, and I’m pretty sure the compact powder has been worn once or twice since then. The only make up I use is nail polish on my toes, and if I feel inspired or rather particularly parched, some lip balm. So why clutter my bathroom with things I don’t use or even need I ask you? I’m very basic when it comes to grooming, all I need is a shampoo, conditioner, face wash, shower gel, lotion for my insane dry skin, a face cream, deodorant and  toner to remove the pollution gunk off my skin after an outing, that’s it, I don’t use masks, primer, scrubs, serums, and other magic potions.

And you know what, getting rid of all that useless clutter felt great, really great, next on the agenda is organizing the dresser with all the paint and craft supplies, and I’m still hopeful one day DH will get rid of his college books and the mountain of SAP Xeroxed books we’ve lugged from place to place over the years…one day will come we will have more space in the storage shelve…One day!


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