Apple Pie

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I mentioned it in passing last week: I made an apple pie on October the 2nd, DH was home, and it was just the perfect time to make a yummy one for breakfast. I wish I took a picture of the whole pie but it went away too fast (that’s how yummy it was) and all I got was the last slice taken the next day:

Now this is more of what we would call an American pie style back home, because Swiss style pies are actually named “Tarts” across the Atlantic.
I found the recipe here a while ago, and while I did make a few modification, it’s pretty much close to the original.
I used white coarse granulated sugar in the crumb topping mixture, apple cider vinegar in the pie crust, and only one type of apple and only 6 of them, not 12, but everything else was done the same.
The reason why I used only one type of apple, is simple, first I had only one type, then apples are costly most of the year in India, but right now is the peak season for Kashmiri apples which are Indian and cheaper than the regular lot of import we get from the Washington state or new Zealand. This is that time of the year you can afford experimenting with apples without feeling too guilty if said experiment turns out bad.
I don’t actually own a proper pie dish, but the great stainless steel Indian thali just works wonder, we have two with high rims, and two shallow one left, we no longer eat with these, they serve as cookie baking sheets, tart dish, preparation plates, and now pie dishes in my kitchen. We had more, but we discarded them overtime, because we used them to put under potted plants in the past, that’s how versatile that piece of dinnerware is. In the case of my apple pie it turned out that it was the right size for the amount of dough mentioned in the recipe though, but thanks to the heat and humidity prevalent in Mumbai, I would or make it more in advance and store it in the fridge longer than what specified in the recipe as I found out the dough stay sticky and once thinned down is impossible to handle without breaking without support. So what I ended up doing was rolling it out directly on some baking parchment and then lift the corner of the paper directly onto the pie dish, using the parchment to line the dish in the process instead of greasing it, worked perfectly.
The pie didn’t last more than 24 hours as DH and I could not get enough of it, Ishita was on a cake boycott day (yes these happen!) and refused to take more than a bite, not because she hated it, but because that specific day she was not in mood for it…or any food for that matter, her only interest was to say no to everything and drive us batty with it…ah family time!

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  1. I'm from Washington State! I didn't know our apples were exported internationally. Wow!! I'm not all that fond of apples. I only eat an occasional apple and even then I usually only eat it with some grapes and gouda


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