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Blame it on Chinese food!

11:33 AM

This morning is one of these days I stumbled upon an article one of my friend shared on Facebook that had me cough, gasp, choke and laugh possibly all at the same time.
North India has in general a higher rate of rapes than in the South, Delhi is the rape capital in the country and neighbouring State of Haryana not faring better, but hey they found the reason why rapes occur people, let’s rejoice, the Times o India reporting it:

Haryana khap blames consumption of chowmein for rapes

If you think I made that up, go read it here, but I warn you don’t drink and read at the same time, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for your death really.
YES indeed, some incredibly enlighten beings in power have come to the conclusion that the consumption of Chowmein, a popular Chinese dish in India is causing hormonal imbalance that lead to rape! good grief I’m glad we got that all sorted out, and girls please rejoice, because it seems wearing jeans and t-shirts is no longer the cause of the evil…just stay away from the chowmein ladies! They actually don’t mention if it is girl eating the stuff that make them secrete pheromones that will drive guys wild, or if it’s guys eating the stuff that makes them think with their wee wee instead, I bet they are still conducting highly scientific researches on the matter. But they found a proactive solution to the problem anyway, read the article further, it has been proposed to lower the marriageable age of girls from 18 to 16 to make them less vulnerable to rape, because yes if hubby dear who by law still can’t marry before 21 in India assault his 16 years old bride and force her into a match of mattress-a-thon then it’s fine, it’s not rape, the girl is a wife and must oblige and satisfy her husband’s will…sigh!
Now if you pardon me this leave me wondering if a) a it’s not the dal-sabzi-roti diet that is not responsible for killing brain cells that resulted in that kind of idiotic statement and b) If we should not declare chowmein a natural alternative to Viagra then.  

On a more serious note, this is yet one more case of refusing to look at a problem seriously, Blame it on something instead of taking judicial measures and raise awareness and educate youngsters about sexual health, and self defence. The way I see it, if the chowmein is the evil here, fortunately the Chinese came up with Kung Fu as well which should prevent rape…for every ill there is a cure.


  1. carvaka5:26 AM

    I'm glad that they're finally making it clear beyond any doubt that they are senile idiots. Atleast no one can pretend to use their arguments to support punishing victims for crimes now.. they'll have to invent their own convoluted arguments.

  2. yes indeed, a relief to finally have made that clear, I wonder who would be dumb enough to agree with these idiots though, that actually worries me.

  3. mynextlifewillbe11:36 AM

    Omg! Chowmein is spicier than indian food? If the spices cause it then just staya away from all spicy food. This whole reasoning just is soo ???????? I dont even know what to say. i can just hope they didnt actually have someone actually do a study and come up with this bs.

  4. They probably just spew this bs while high on something really. Apparently in other article it was mentioned the guy also blamed pizzas and burgers, but that's confusing, is it the junk food or the spice, because yes we all agree home cooked traditional Indian food is so not spicy at all...grrrrr
    I'm totally baffled by this statement, must be the wierdest and most absurd one I ever read.

  5. Amazing that they use such 'logic'. This is along the lines of the US Senator who said that pregnancies cannot occur as a result of rape as the woman's body 'rejects' it due since it was violent and not voluntary! The human race is supposed to get smarter through the generations, but I think the stupid among us do get stupider instead.

  6. Yeah I think those who are stupid will breed stupidity :-( that or the wolrd is indeed going smarter and these idiots just started lower on the intelligence ladder!
    If i follow that senator's logic that should mean that women who planned and wanted to be pregnant should not miscarry either? Good grief! Some people really were abscet they days they gave away the brains to people!

  7. Yes, and these people really do not think before they speak. I wonder if they even understand what they say!


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