Cooler days to come…

11:17 AM

One f the things I hate about Mumbai is the weather, it’s hot and humid most of the year, the monsoon bring some type of relief but more humidity and Winters are always too short. But if there is one month I hate the most in this city it’s October, the monsoon leaves us in September, with a few occasional evening storms here and now until early October, and the days become even more uncomfortable than during the Summer, most probably because the monsoon brought some slightly cooler days and you just can’t bear to repeat a trip in the steam room so soon.
October is considered Fall even in India, but Fall in Mumbai plain sucks, thanks to heavy monsoon rains, it means that the ground has soaked itself in water that will beg to come out the instant the sun makes a comeback. I’ve been debating whether it’s the temperature that is too hot for comfort of it it’s the insane level of humidity that just make it worse, one thing for sure, a night without AC is horrible in October, we did that when we were in Navi Mumbai and just hated it because we would sweat under the blanket, but be eaten by mosquitoes without. Now that we have our AC in our new flat, I seriously don’t want to try going without until the nights get dryer.
And we are getting there, a few more weeks and we will have pleasant days, my skin is an excellent barometer when it comes to that, it’s still too humid to sleep without an AC, the days are still hot enough to make me sweat, but mornings are bearable enough, and my skin is starting to pull a little, nothing dramatic, but enough to remind me to rub lotion as part of my morning routine. I already look forward to being able to stay outside at the playground after picking up Ishi from school without melting into a puddle, and I know that the sweat pants and socks days are not too far from now. I’ve already made friend with my fruit infusion in the evening, kicked the diet coke habit at 11am in favour of another cup of tea (I always start my day with one, in cooler days, I follow with a few more).
And soon enough December and it’s festive spirit will come into our home.

Back in Switzerland, October was among my favourite months with all the Fall colours, and still sunny days, November used to be gloomy, and December downright dark and cold, with only the Christmas lights to feel happy about. I hated Winter there, here it’s my favourite season of all.


  1. It is certainly nice to know that I may not be too uncomfortable when we land in Mumbai this November. Today marks my two week countdown and I really really have to start packing.

  2. Ash, yes the second half of November is usually very comfortable in Mumbai with days really starting to get gradually cooler, this year seeing how things are going it could even be earlier than that :-)


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