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We all have these once in a while, and since I posted on my Facebook page about the fact I wouldn’t blog much until probably next Monday, and would at the most give you a run down on my whirlwind days, here it goes.

Last week on Wednesday the school handed us a circular informing us quite last minute I might add that Friday 28th would be Grand Parent Fun day in school…why so little planning I wonder, because in my case that means one set of Grand Parent in Lucknow, my mom in Switzerland, and my Dad sailing around somewhere between the Fiji Islands and New Zealand…none could of course make it. The school added that if no Grand parents were around we could put whatever distant relative we had in the city on duty…ha, problem again, we are the only one living in Mumbai, the school then told us that since it was not a full day, we could just skip the day if no family was around, the next day probably seeing that half the kids had no dadi, dada, nani or nana around it would be smarter to include parents, telling us all that anyway it’s just a 20 minutes affair of games and snacks. I decided not to go, the 28th was DH’s birthday and I had plans to bake a cake and needed to go run to the supermarket to buy a few things for it.
So Friday comes and I decided to first enquire about a gift I purchased for DH on Monday and see when it would be delivered, and nothing seemed to indicate it was even in Mumbai in the morning, so I headed out, for just one hour, after which we came back sweaty, sticky and in the case of Ishi exhausted enough to cuddle with the dog on the sofa and fall asleep, leaving me assistant less in the kitchen to bake the cake. By the late afternoon, the cake was baked, filled with custard, iced and ready to eat, and I finally got to know that the courier company in charge of the parcel delivery was First Flight and just updated their tracking status as reached Mumbai…good that meant it would come the next day!
DH came back from office early, we enjoyed cake, happy happy and lazed around in the evening.

The next morning he had to go to office, so I was all alone with Ishita, but because we were expecting a courier and I was too beat to do anything we stayed home. Speaking of courier, I logged on the tracking page, and saw…surprise surprise that they came on the 28th and found the door locked, funny when the parcel tracking page was updated as reached Mumbai in the afternoon and that the only time I was out of the house was between 11am and noon! Nobody called me, or left a note either…but hey I know the drill, not even DHL bothers in India, so why would First Flight which is the worst of the lot do it.
But since I know they are bad, I decided to call them to check if the delivery would happen this day itself. I found two offices in Mumbai, but only one phone number and one email ID (sounds fishy, how can two office in two location have the same number?) I tried calling and nobody picked up, so I sent a mail, that till date hasn’t been answered, after sending the mail I called again, and again and again until a lady picked up and gave me 2 different phone numbers without answering my question, I called these two numbers, only to be informed by a recorded voice they were invalid, call back the number that worked for the lady to give me a 3rd number which you probably guess was…yup! invalid! So I called again, to be put on hold for an eternity at which point I hanged up, and called again for 10 minutes straight without anybody picking up, and when after said time the lady picked up I was pissed and informed her she had to stop giving me wrong invalid number to get rid of me and tell me if YES or NO the second attempt delivery would be done this day or not. She put me on hold forever again after telling me that no she never gives wrong numbers. Furious I go back to mad dialling for another 15 minutes before she deign pick up again and blast her for he incompetence, she informs me that it’s not her job to do customer care service or even go fetch the manager, she tries to give me a 4th phone number to dial to talk to said manager, I refused, she put me on hold forever, and after that refused to pick up the phone ever again, despite my calling for over an hour straight. I let the merchant know about the courier crap, the guy is appalled and promise me to try on his end, and then suddenly out of the blue comes the delivery guy with my parcel. Not a word of English, looking all shabby, unprofessional at his best. Let the merchant know I finally got the product and he then informed me he was angry with First Flight and would discontinue their tie up with them in the next 15 days…A small victory.
DH loved his gift, I got him a small replica of box iron of the type normally filled with coal and used by street ironing booth people. DH’s one is an ashtray and it comes from Happily Unmarried if you were wondering.
On Sunday we went for brunch to mark DH’s birthday, and by Monday I was glad Ishi was in school again, but failed to realise that it was then October 1st. While picking her up the teacher informed us that the next day was a holiday as it’s October 2nd and Gandhi’s birthday…darn I totally forgot! At this point I was dreading another day of Ishita’s madness in the house with no escape as the post monsoon heat and humidity is on full blast and will continue until mid-November, but realised that thankfully it also meant DH would be home for the day.
And now here we are Wednesday, I just sent a hyper toddler to school and finally have a tiny breather, that will be short lived as right after school we are heading to a friend’s place for my little group’s monthly kitty party/playgroup.
Thursday I will get another normal quiet day to just breathe a little, on Friday DH is headed out of town for a business trip from which he’ll be back the next day in the evening, and then it’ll be grocery shopping day on Sunday…so yup not much rest until Next Monday.

And of course I forgot to add that yesterday I baked an amazing apple pie and yes I will write about it in detail soon.

A quick update and a promise to be back to blogging soon.


  1. Whew!
    That was some week!!!
    Is getting things delivered in India always that difficult? (I am assuming you ordered DH's gift on the internet?)
    I think I told you before my DH and I bought a new flat with a utility room in a posh suburb of Delhi. Well, the flat is still being built. And get this- the flat was supposed to be ready this November, now the flat MIGHT be ready March 2013!!!! Only in India. Sigh.
    Anyhow, I was sooooo looking forward to having a 'mailing address' were I could order things off the internet & have them delivered to our new flat. I'm already dreading 'delivery' issues.
    (We don't have 'mail' or any sort of delivery here in Nepal, actually only the 2 big hotels in town get 'mail'. Which is odd, because there's a UPS & a DHL in town- you can ship things 'out' but you can't ship anything 'in.)

  2. The biggest problem with deliveries in India is that they expect somebody will be there at all time to pick up the parcel, and they seem to be totally lost when nobody answers the door, normally in Switzerland they leave a note informing you they came and that they will try again at a later date, or that you can call them to schedule it at a convenient time. In India they just don't do it, not even DHL who does it abroad, some will have the courtesy to call you, but that's not the norm, so when you ordered something you need to stay home on the expected delivery day. Flipkart is having their own courier service and are very reliable, First Cry used to have all kind of courier company doing the job for them but they switched to having their own delivery system too to have better control.


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