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Parents of girls, beware, your cute little darling will start morphing into a fashionista by the time she reach 2 or so years old, and become downright opiniated by the age of 3.
I didn’t quite see it coming, before starting school last year Ishi didn’t care much about clothes, but now God forbid we choose anything for her, and in true girl style will fall in love with an outfit in the store and then refuse to wear it once home, I have a pair of shorts that is yet to be worn by her, shorts she could not tear her eyes from when we shopped during the August sale (at least it was on sale).
This past Saturday, thanks to the insane heat I took Ishita to the mall while DH was in office, as a trip to the playground before 5pm was a no no. Ishi’s idea of a perfect mall day, means first going on the electric train that circles an entire level of the mall for which I need to take a ticket for myself as I refuse to let a 3 year old unattended in a 15 minute ride out of my sight. Then once the ride is over, she promptly asked for the bouncy castle, which I think is a good idea because, a jumping toddler gets tired sooner and will or sleep early in the evening, or take a nice nap. The bouncy castle fee buys you 20 minutes of jumping, but Ishi got tired after 15 minutes, hopped down and immediately asked for “miam miam” (food) so we headed to the food court, I was not really sure of what I wanted to eat, just knowing that KFC or Domino’s was not going to happen, saw a momo (Chinese dumplings) stand and told her we could try this one, only to be met with a “no no no no” on a serious calm assertive tone and her taking a stride across the food court straight toward the back where KFC is, but then stopped dead in her track in front of the Chinese fast food booth seeing a lady carry a plate loaded with chowmein. She then pointed to it and said “Maggi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (all noodles are maggi for her), refusing to go any further, so we ordered our own plate of Chowmein (my my what did we put ourselves at risk of? The Khap Panchayat warned the nation just last week about Chowmein and hormonal imbalance!), for good measure I ordered some momos as well, and we start eating, not really making a dent in the monstrous portion of noodle in front of us. I then decide that since we are already in a mall, maybe I could have some fun myself, and decide to check Max which sells nice relatively cheap but good quality casual wear. Their kids line is the cutest, but I was thinking more in the line of getting myself a few new tops since my wardrobe is pretty basic since my last purge a few weeks back. I start roaming around, Ishita running all exited, but each tops I dared looking at were met with a big no from her, not that I would have bought any of them as they weren’t to my taste, she then ran to the kid’s section, which as usual is the cutest, but full of heavy winter wear we really don’t need in Mumbai, beside my mom brought enough long sleeved t-shirts and Fall wear pants with her last time she visits that are just now fitting. So we leave the store with me making a mental not to come back during the sale and buy the light winter wear we will need for her the next year.
Down to Westside we head, as 2 weeks ago I spotted two tops I liked but had no energy to try on. While there I found another one to add to the trial list, Ishita didn’t disapprove my picking them up, so we headed to the trial room with my loot. The first one is a short cotton kurta that looks more like a kaftan with it’s flowing sleeves. Ishita emit a loud appreciative “ooooooo Pretty” while I try it on. When I ask her if I should take it, she gives me a big YES, not that her opinion mattered because I liked the top myself, so we put that one aside, then I try a very casual t-shirt in orange with some native American prints on it, the thing looked nice on the hanger, but not on me, and I got no comment from Ishita, but when I asked her if I should take the orange one just for fun she said “No, this” pointing to the blue kurta I already agreed on buying. I then tried the next and last item: a stripped blue, black and beige t-shirt, to have a “pretty” from her again. I found it cute that she now needs to pass comment on my trial room looks, and interesting to see that we are on the same page.

Where her high fashion opinion is less cute is when it takes twice the time it used to take to get dressed to go somewhere due to her pondering which top and which bottom to wear and change her mind 5 times about it. Seeing where it is going, I’m glad next school year the decision will be taken for her by the school in the shape of a uniform.
As for her wardrobe, time to go purge that one of all the things she doesn't;t like wearing anymore, until now it was just getting rid of the worn out and too small, now I have to hide certain things I don’t want to see her into in order to give a chance to brand new outfits to get worn at least a couple of time before outgrowing them. Not that I even buy tons to begin with, as I always thought spending too much money on kids wear was a waste considering how little they end up being worn in the first place.


  1. It might surprise you to know that boys turn into 'fashionistos' also. Yes, my sons have definite opinions about what mom wears. Looking 'cool' is very important to my sons also. Lately anything "Adidas' or 'Nike' is cool. And unlike their ponytailed father, sporting a buzz cut with a gelled 'fin' in the front is 'hip'. I don't know if I can keep up with all this 'coolness'. HAH!

  2. No no you don't surprise me :) I remember a few instance of my cousin staying over to our place when I was a teen, since we were living in the same area but going to different school. During these time, both my sis and I were in our teen, and so was my cousin, and he was spending more time styling his hair than it took for both my sister and I to get ready in the bathroom :) Led to many yelling of "Mooooooooooom Steeve is monopolising the bathroom!!!!" From both of us LOL
    I think boys start being style conscious a bit leter than girls, but once they are there...boy they can turn the "Girls take ages to get ready" into a total myth :-)

  3. Hélène5:40 PM

    My girls liked all sorts of (strange) stuff when they were younger, but now they have a very fine sense of dress... they are even now turning out to be my own fashion coaches, I am very proud of them.

  4. as a kid I used to be practical about clothes, as long as they were in a colour and cut I liked I was fine, I didn't care that much about style until I hit the teens. My mom said that she never had problem getting me dressed for school in the morning the way she had issue with my sister, I was the type who thought "So I have to get dressed...hmmm here is a sweater, here is a bottom, and here are some socks, not really caring about what colour they were or if they even matched LOL my mom had to sometimes correct the style snafu for me, because the colours and patterns would clash. As a teen I was brand conscious probably more than I was a fashion follower.

  5. That sounds so cute. It is nice to see opinionated kids at such a young age. Makes them cuter

  6. Hehe i am divided on this issue, yup definitely cute when she insist on picking up clothes in stores and want to do things herself, but definitely NOT fun when she says NO all the time, and I get a lot of that these days her being a typical 3 year old asserting her rights, there are many screaming matches on issues such as go for shower, go to bed, eat properly, do not climb on the table, I said no to TV stop whining :-)

    1. Wow, that can be really exhausting... Life with kids can be hard, but definitely interesting... One can never complain of being bored any longer..

    2. Definitely never bored. My boy is less argumentative and more...ask me and when I say no immediately try and do it himself the second my back is turned. Yesterday this attitude resulted in his falling from a stool he had climbed on to reach something my husband had told him to wait for him to get. He busted his chin open on the edge of the stool and I had to take him to urgent care for liquid stitches.

  7. How scary! But yeah Ishita did a similar stunt when she was 20 months old, she pushed a stool in the kitchen to climb the kitchen counter I didn't even see her doing until I heard the crash and crying. She chipped one of her tooth and was bleeding inthe mouth. I went to the Dr and fortunately the tooth wasn't too chipped and the bleeding was from the injured gum, so he precribed some pain killers and a soothing gel for the gum.
    You defintly don't get bored with kids around, in fact the rare instence of boredom are much welcome, I greet them like an old friend :-)

  8. The rare instence of boredom after having kids you don't complain about, you welcome the boredom in as crazy as it may sound :-)


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