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Koka Tom Yam Noodles

12:30 PM


I’m going to write about this one which I taste 2 days ago instead of clearing my back log of notes on other noodles type, Ishita saw it in the cupboard and wanted the “pink Maggi” as at the ripe age of 3 she decided all noodles are to be called “Maggi” regardless of the brand.
This one is yet another variety from the brand Koka, which seems to the be one with the most choice, a fair amount of the range is available at Big Bazaar, making it fairly easy to get.

Now this variety is Tom Yam flavour, which as far as I know is a Thai flavour. I don’t have much experience with Tom Yam, as we don;t eat Thai often, and this is the first time I saw this noodle pack around.
The taste maker smells very citrusy, which is not surprising since one of the main ingredient in Thai cuisine is lemongrass.
Taste wise, it has a strong taste of lemon grass indeed, with a hint of chilli as an after taste, over all it’s not a bad flavour, but it has nothing absolutely memorable that will have me want to buy it again just for the taste.
Ishita didn’t like it, as exited she was seeing a pink pack of noodles in the pantry, she stopped after 2 fork full and I had to finish it on my own.

Be aware that the product contains MSG though, and that it’s not suitable for kids below one year of age, and people sensitive to MSG. Also to keep in mind is that the import sticker label it with the red square, which in India means it’s non-vegetarian, I haven’t check what meat goes in the taste maker though, but even though the name of the noodle doesn’t explicitly state it it does contain meat product.


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