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12:03 PM

On Tuesday evening, DH surprised me with  this:


For no special occasion at all, other than show his love as the note attached to it said in words I’ll keep mostly for myself. Husbands the world over do that kind of thing. My dad used to do for my mom. The difference being that in Switzerland you buy flower in a bouquet, most of the time in a supermarket, and throw them in a vase full of water at home.
In India I have received bouquets as well, but it’s far more common to see such big flower arrangement for sale, not in supermarkets, but very tiny flower shops that are pretty much opened on the roadside. And if you ask me, I LOVE these, they are far nicer than the casual, supermarket bouquet from back home, when gifted to me by my husband makes me feel super special, and I don’t need to find a vase to put them in (I don’t even own one, when I receive bouquet I put them in a copper pitcher). I don’t need to sweat about arranging them in a pretty way in said pitcher either.
Over the year the thing that amused me the most, is the fact that flower shops are always placed near a intersection, where cars and bikes slow enough to notice them, and probably grab a guy’s attention better for a spur of the moment gift to his wife, or providing super quick fix to the “Oh crap I forgot her birthday is today and I don’t want to face her anger” moment.
Back home the men have to first notice the flower shop sign in a row of many shop while driving, which is not a too easy task, if it’s raining and it rains a lot in Switzerland, there will be no bright flower display for them to notice. As for the supermarket…the hassle of parking the car just to buy flower is big enough so that to do it they will need to stop to buy groceries as well…Ick! What back from office guy does that? (In Switzerland that is, because men in India have less of an issue helping their wife in this department).

Giving me this particular bouquet, DH plotted a sweet way to do it: Placed the flower in front of our door with a note he quickly wrote on a page of his day planner, rang the door bell, and went hiding in the staircase hall. When I peeped through the hole nobody was there, so I opened the door a crack to check who was fooling around with the bell, noticed the flower, but no DH in sign. When he finally went out of hiding it was to give me a big kiss. once the moment over he was all exited to tell me that there was not one but two flower shops outside our complex he never quite noticed before and how nice that was. The flower were for one exceptional woman, mom and wife (awww), but we all know exceptional women marry exceptional men…


  1. Aww.. That's really sweet!

  2. subho-nands5:17 AM

    Hi..am following your blog from last few months & have always wondered why you always write about 'NOODLES'....hehh.....so today i was doing an analysis of few companies(as m into banking sector) including NESTLE ("MAGGI")...& i found out that...actually maggi noodles have been invented in switzerland...& yeah at tht momment only your blog tickkeld my head..& I started laughing & i realised tht maybe this is one of the reason you r a gr8 fan of NOODLES....//.... :-D :D =D

  3. No Maggi Noodles do NOT exist in Switzerland, the brand Maggi is swiss, but this is a product developped for the Asian market. If you read my whole "just Noodling serie" you will know that I decided to review all the different type of Noodles on the Indian market as I have never seen a country that has so many types on the market. The one we have in Switzerland are the original Chinese and Japanese ones, no maggi ones. In India when you say "Maggi" people think of the noodles instantly and that's the one brand that sells the most, but does that mean the other ones aren't worth trying? That's the logic behind my project. And growing up in Switzerland I didn't eat ramen noodles very often really, as I said they aren't popular at all back home

  4. Salut.. Cyn.. :) Ca va? Je suis une Indienne mais j'jhabite aux USA. Your blog is very interesting. I especially liked your piece about the spending culture. It is so very well described!

  5. Hi Supy :-)
    How come you speak French?
    Thanks for reading my blog I'm glad you like it.

  6. subho-nands3:54 PM

    yeah...i understand but if you go through the details you"ll see that the instant process was first invented there only...it started with vegies & expanded to noodles.. http://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=history+of+maggi&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CCIQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nestleprofessional.com%2Funited-states%2Fen%2FSiteArticles%2FPages%2FMAGGITheMaggiStory.aspx&ei=JGOKUK_4DMamrAeMx4DIDQ&usg=AFQjCNEi5AwTISJZxQsgwMr8FI5e8dT4PQ. & yup i jst wanted to say that the company was frm switz...& thts y i thought tht way..//..

  7. No the noodle instant process was invented in china or japan, if you read the link you provided carefuly Maggi invented a formula to bring taste to food, the original product is called "Maggi sauce" and is not sold in India, this is a dark liquid condiment, they then processed to find a way to concentrate meat stocks into powders and later cube, and moved to Instant soups much later. And they were not the sole company to do that, Knorr developped a similar technique around the same time. In the case of Maggi Noodles, the brand maggi mearly put their name with a process that was discovered in Asia whee the noodles originated from, since they have expertise in powdered stock, they just created a few taste makers on their own, but the brand Nissin is said to have invented the flavoured instant noodles and had their own version of the powdered stock.
    As said the Maggi Noodles were never intended for the European market and distributed there, they have been existing for 25 years in India but when I left Switzerland in 2003 they were still not available on the Swiss market, and they were still not there when I visited back in 2008, you will probably find them in Europe in Indian stores, where they are imported.
    But maggi never invented the flash frying technology to make the actual noodles.


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