First night update

12:39 PM

We did it! Ishita slept in her bed the whole time! She did wake up quite a few times, but I managed to get her to go back to her own bed.
I started by telling her the whole day long that it was time to sleep in her big girl bed in her own room, each time she replied with a assertive NO, but I ignored, I kept telling her what would happen. I didn’t let her nap at all after school too, as I wanted to maximise the sleepy factor and bank on it to get her to sleep there in the first place.
And so she watched some cartoons in the afternoon, and was quite fascinated by Princess Calla in the Gummi Bears adventures (a cartoon series from Disney back in the 80’s and yup available on DVD). I asked her if she was a princess too, and she happily replied yes! (yup toddlers do know that word, they just don’t feel like using it often). Seizing the opportunity on the spot, I announced that princesses don’t sleep in Mommy’s bed, they sleep in a Princess bed in their own room, and add that she will spend the night in her own Princess bed. This time she offered me a curious look, and I left it at that, we went to the playground at around 4pm, I casually repeated that she was a Princess and will sleep in a Princess bed a few time, and she even said yes to one of these (Mumbai might as well experience a snow storm….my daughter said yes to sleeping in her own bed no less!).
We went back home at around 5pm and she asked for Maggi noodles, of all things, eager not to anger her I obliged, and she ate almost her whole plate, and then insisted on not only taking her plate back to the kitchen, but decided to surprise me by taking a plastic box out of the box drawer, pour the content of her plate in it, close the box, and gasp! Put it in the fridge herself…I’m telling you Mumbai is going to see some snow! She then had her shower, got dressed for the night, and when I announced it was Princess bed time at 6.45 she went to her bedroom and bed without protesting! We read 3 bedtime stories, talked about the flowers on her blanket and on the wall stickers, and then I took my laptop and sat away from her bed but still in her room, she fell asleep by 7.30pm.
between then and 9.30 she woke up 3 times more because we were not in the room than anything else, but made no move to go to our room, she fell back asleep the minute she saw we were around. So at 9.30  I decided I might call it a night since I was sure it would be one of broken sleep, plugged the baby monitor and caught a few zzzzzz. By 1.30am she started crying, so I went to her bedroom, and she gathered all her plush animals and ran to our bedroom immediately. I gave her a firm calm No and gently led her back to her own bed while she was sobbing, she asked for a tissue and went back to her bed, but kept her eyes wide opened, I stayed in the room for 15 minutes, then told her that she would be fine and went back to bed, she didn’t come after me or whined or anything, I fell back asleep, by around 3am she was awake again, no crying though, just asking “Mama!!! Bleh” which is her request for a soy milk bottle. Deciding that we should tackle one issue at a time I agreed to providing room service before sunrise, fill the bottle, and went back to bed, again she didn’t protest to my leaving the room. By 5.30 am she woke up without crying and tip toes to our room with a pair of panties in her hand, considered she was butt naked I suspected she removed her diaper and peed somewhere. I went back to her room with her following me, the diaper was off but completely dry, so was the bed, the only logical explanation was that she went to the bathroom by herself and peed there. The instant I put her diaper on she went straight back to her bed without me asking, but I knew my night was over so I didn't;t really fell back in deep sleep into my bed, kept an ear on the baby monitor only to hear her babble away happily, and when I went checking, she was telling a story to her stuffed turtle, so I tip toed back to bed, and by 6 she calmly said mama into the monitor, and watched me coming to her room to hand me her empty milk bottle asking for more and ask for the TV.

I count that as a success, a small one, but definitely not an epic battle, hopefully the next few nights will go even better, and DH and I will eventually get used to have the bed back to ourselves as we both started the night both squishing ourselves on the edge of our bed head against the bed side tables like we did for way too many nights, but by the morning we were claiming back our queen sized space and as for me even though I still had broken sleep, it was far more relaxed than in the past, the bed was mine, the few awakenings were toward a good cause, and by the morning I wasn’t even as grumpy and snippy as usual.

Yes I am sleep deprived today, and caffeine is my friend, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and tomorrow Ishita and I are going to the mall together to get her a Princess gift for being such a great big girl. This morning she actually felt quite proud of herself already. 

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  1. Nisha2:09 PM

    Congratulations! I got my son to sleep in his own bed (in our bedroom) at 3yrs, moved the bed to his own room at 4 and finally got him to not sneak in to our bed at night except on weekend mornings now that he is 7. It is a long battle, but well worth it.

  2. Yeah that's why I was opposed to the put the bed in our room bit, because I knew it would then take more battleing and negociating later to get her into her own room, we might as well strike two with one stone throw :-)
    Plus we are starting to think about tring to have a second child, so we want Ishita in her room because otherwise ourbedroom would turn into a crammed space full of beds and no way to go around, by the time we have two kids, I will repeat the sleep in own crib thing from birth, I am not comfy with co-sleeping with an infnat and risking the baby slip under the blanket without me noticing and die from SIDS, Ishita starting to sleep in our bed at 9 months of age was accidental, she threw a fit, and that's how she ended up there :-)

  3. Congratulations. I m really happy for u. I m co-sleeping with the son right now as it z easier to get up and feed multiple times in the night.

    I can already envision this happening in the future for me. I really like the approach you took regarding making her sleep on her own, making her feel proud of her accomplishment and that princess bed story is just adorable. Glad it worked out a lot easier for u.

  4. Awesome sauce!

  5. She made it much easier for me suddenly having a thing for princesses really :-) It's indeed much cuter than the good old "Big Girl Bed" thing.
    Today we celebrated the 2 nights in a row achievement by going to the mall, she got a Princess tiara and she chose her first Barbie doll too.

  6. I think it was quick thinking from my part, but Ishita provided the idea with her sudden out of the blue fascination for princesses :-)


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