Her first Barbie doll

5:08 PM

So Ishita slept another night in her bed like a big girl with even less crying than the first night, so we celebrated today by heading to the mall, where we picked up a few books, a Princess tiara (had to do it really with all our Princess bed story) and I let Ishita pick up a big girl toy.
She’s been looking at the Barbie ads on TV for a while now, finding them interesting, but I grew up thinking Barbie was a special toy you only get on special occasion, and what better special occasion for her very first Barbie doll than sleeping in her own bed and room like a big girl?

So I took her to Shopper’s stop and she picked up this one:

barbie pilot

That’s a blurry pic taken at the coffee shop after the big purchase, and it’s a Barbie Pilot! She preferred it over all the pink glittery skimpy dressed ones in the store, the Barbie with the coolest job in Barbie world! The reason was that there was an airplane on the box and she loves airplanes. But still choosing the one in the less frilly glittery outfit in the toy department…way to go Ishi!

I was a child in the 80’s back then Barbies were feminist too, there was a Barbie Doctor, an astronaut, rock stars, explorers, and of course princesses, but they all came in shade of pink that were cool when I was a kid. What they also were looking far more like bimbos in my childhood days than they do now, the 80’s Barbie has big breast, an impossibly tiny waist and giant hips. Of course as a kid I didn’t make the connection, it was a great doll to play with, but I can’t help but think that maybe my generation has this idea that women need to be impossibly proportioned to be considered pretty ingrained in their subconscious.
Today’s Barbie has far more human proportions, sure she is thin and still has long legs, but as a parent I think the new millennium one is far more appropriate than the one I grew up with and was probably irking my mom.

And to my daughter thinking Barbie Pilot was the best of the lot…you totally rock girl! The only think pink that came with this one is her pink suitcase…and pink suitcases are great!


  1. All right!!!
    All American Barbie!!!!
    I get told I look like Barbie all the time.
    Yes, I'm the typical California surfer girl. Well, an aging California surfer girl anyway.
    You know they actually have Indian Barbie & Ken.
    I've bought them at toy stores in Delhi- there is a 'bridal' series featuring raven haired Barbies of 'wheatish' complexion in various bridal attires from various regions in India.
    I bought the Rajasthani one & the Kashmiri one for my aunt who collects Barbie dolls in the US.
    There was a GORGEOUS 'Hindu Bridal Fantasy' Barbie in a toy shop in Khan market in Delhi that had a red & gold sari, red & gold beaded dupatta, teeny beaded jooti on her feet, AND best of all she had bangles on each arm, an elaborate gold necklace, gold anklets, dangly gold earrings AND (get this) a huge gold ring in her nose that connected to here earring!!!!
    She even had mehendi on her hands & feet!!!
    Go Mattel!!
    Unfortunately she was 5,000 INR & that was out of my price range at the moment so I didn't buy her.
    The Indian Ken doll comes dressed in a sherwani & a turban also.
    I still can't get over Barbie with a nose ring & mehendi.
    Yes, Barbie has entered the new millennium- she's a multicultural career girl now!!!

  2. Yes I saw the Desi Barbies, there are even simpler ones wearing just a saree, I think though they are more like colelctor's items or older girls dolls, that's a bit too eleborate for a 3 years old :)
    Ishit has the Kelly Goes to India doll though, we bought it when we were living in our empty Bangalore flat during our relcoation madness last year, Ishita was not taking the whole thing very well, was traumatised sleeping on air mattresses and since tehre was absolutely nothing to do at home for 3 days before we hoped on a plane to Mumbai I took her to Landmark where she picked it up. The little dupatta she had over her head is god know's where but she still has the outfit on, and the little gold mang tikka on her forehead :-)

    Barbie has definitely entered the new millenium, though I remember she had friends from different ethnic backgrounds back in the 80's my sister had a Teresa doll, I think even Christie (the African American one) and I remember really wanting the Midge from their Ski Fun collection, it was all sold out though :-) And I had to google Barbie to check how crazy the body mould looked in the 80's, as a Kid I dind't care, but oh boy oh boy she was really having a totally unrealistic Bombshell body! So glad they corrected the issue, the ones sold today are far better proportioned and look like regular women. There is still a bit too much silly pink though, but then apparently girls like it :-)


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