Let the hunt begin!

11:16 AM

I was planning to have a light easy foodie post today, but a bomb got dropped in DH’s mailbox and that warrants a blog post from me.
As I mentioned last week our landlord announced that he was planning on putting the flat on the market for sale and we were taking precautions starting to look, thinking that we had time…well not so much.
This morning DH read a mail from the landlord stating that he is terminating our lease and we had a 30 day notice. Nothing wrong there, it’s legal, he abides by the notice stipulation on our rental agreement.
The problem is that this guy will apparently remain tactless until the end, let’s set aside the fact he refuse to accept the whole rent amount in cheque so he can screw income tax, that’s not just tacky it’s illegal. But his calling ON Diwali day to tell us he is selling the place is already not so nice, the fact that now he is sending us an impersonal email announcing we are to be out by December 20th is just crass…while I understand the email bit as a protection thing and yes sending one was a good idea, it would have been far nicer to inform us by phone he did so, just common courtesy. And heck his knowing I am a foreigner should have clued him in on the fact I celebrate Christmas and maybe just ask us if it was ok for us or if we had any plans during the holidays, again just a little courtesy, it would have not killed him to ask, I would certainly not have been totally apposed to moving out of the flat 4 das before Christmas, but his not showing any consideration and dropping a e-bomb via Gmail on us early in the morning is just wrong. Knowing the guy I am sure he is going to try to claim some deposit money for himself, and I am so mad right now that I know I can give him hell for that and probably will.

In the meantime, we are now  going to have to find a place we like quick, as mentioned we are looking for an upgrade in number of rooms and found out our area has 3BHKs at a cheaper rent than that 2BHK we are currently in. I now need to squeeze moving out into my Christmas holiday list, think of how to turn my advent calendar plan into a more mobile one, order some new wall stickers for Ishi’s new room to facilitate her transition, as it would not be too good to unsettle her more than the minimum now we finally got her to sleep in her own bed. My black book will come out of the drawer with war plans drafts, and if I didn’t have an incentive to keep this year’s Christmas meal simple, I now have, if we move out on the 20th, you can bet I will not want to kill myself cooking a feast while in post relocation trauma mode, granted it’s a short distance shift, I doubt it will be any less stressful than an of the other shifts.

Happy Holidays to come to me!

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  1. Nima Laud1:15 PM

    Sorry to hear about your having to move out so inconveniently. I hope your move goes smoothly and you get the house you want soon. Perhaps the Christmas spirit will push your landlord to be fair and return your deposit!

  2. I hope so but i am preparing myself to have to fight. I had a moment of doubt this morning wondering if he didn;t make the whole I want to sell the flat thing. On Diwali day he told DH the price was 1.6 crore and he got in touch with brokers so that we should be ready to have people coming wanting to see the flat. Today I found his ad on a website, posted by himself, he wants 1.8 crores for the flat, in a building that is more than 5 years old, and where the price for a flat is around 1.5 crore. Clearly he is not having anybody that made an offer so far as no one came to visit the place, and it's unlikely he is going to ever sell at that price in this area where so many new projects are coming up at a cheaper rate, so the reason as of why he is terminating the lease now is odd, my only guess is that the broker who came with the one and only potential buyer on the 14th must have told him that his flat could use a little srpuce up as it was looking probably too shabby for the price, because his 1.8 crore add got posted on the 16th.

    I have no doubt we will find something good, the area is full of brand new complexes with lots of empty flats, it's just that once more we will be in a rush at the most inconvenient time of the year...sigh!

  3. Hélène7:03 PM

    I wish you the best of luck for your search Cyn. Once we had a big family problem and had noodles for Christmas, but it was Ok and we still laugh about it now :)

  4. Sharell8:01 PM

    And make sure you deal with dreaded Airtel properly too. Don't want them billing you after you've moved again. Ugh, it's all such a pain. I hope you find something fabulous though, so you get benefit out of it. :-)

  5. Andrea11:35 PM

    Really? He's giving you 30 days notice, over Christmas, he's been cheating on income tax this whole time, AND he won't give you your deposit back? I see absolutely no reason why you need to "make the place ready to show" - don't make ANY extra effort to help him out!

    And if he complains, just tell him, "Well, with my religious holiday upcoming, and having to try to find a new place so quickly, I simply don't have time to spruce up."

    He deserves none of your assistance. He's doing everything in his power to get his. You go get yours too.

  6. Sounds like my buying a "cocotte" for Diwali is going to be a good thing, I can make "coq au vin" easy peasy no hassle :-)

  7. Oh I am not going to spruce up, he probably want ot kick us out so he can do it out of his own pocket, he hasn't even given the place a coat of paint, it's the industrial one that came with the flat when it was handed out to him from the developper. DH and I are pissed, and the deposit...he'll have to give it back in full, or see a few broken stuff in his house ;-)

  8. Oh crap! Airtel! I forgot about these idiots, they wil create some problems I am totally convinced of it, this time I don't think I want to see DH pay the 2 months they claimed we owed them last time, he was too nice.

  9. Supriya Kulkarni10:13 AM

    Bonne Chance Cyn.!!!! I hope everything works out smoothly.

  10. Merci :-) I sure hope the whole process goes smoothly, we have experience with the whole thing having relcoated so many times, but the whole thing always leave us pooped out, hopefully a short distance move is less of a hassle, than a long distance one, but I wouldn;t bet on it too heavily :-)

  11. Just make sure you dirty his walls and break a few tiles before u move out!! To find and shift to a new place in such short notice is difficult.Even local shifting is a hassle. All the best.

  12. Hélène9:38 PM

    That's the spirit, you go girl ! What would I become without my cocotte ? :)

  13. Yeah that's that kind of things I was thinking about :-) there is a drawer int he kitchen that broke right after we moved in last year, and guess what I don't really feel enclined to want to fix it before we move out, he probably won't notice as it's the gliding rail that got loose, if he does I'll play the idiot card, pretending it was broken all along, the guy is cheap, this flat is 5 years old, he never gave it a coat of paint, and all the electrical wire points in the ceilling to add lightnigs are dangling from the ceiling, he never felt like covering them, even when he lived himself in the place! When we moved in the walls were dirty, I washed that myself on occasion, I could easily get mad and hand my daughter her crayons do do some art works if he doesn't give us the full deposit back :-)

  14. Seriously I wonder why I didn't buy one sooner since moving to India! I think they were not easily found int he begining, but now it's far easier, and that thing is just the best thing ever


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