Squeaky Clean and all set

11:10 AM

Yesterday was Dhanteras which in North India marks the first day of the 5 days of Diwali. in our home that means we are starting to get everything cleaned up, and get rid of old stuff and yesterday was no exception. It’s the first Diwali we celebrate in this flat since last year we went to Lucknow, so last year we really kept the cleaning to the minimum, beside we shifted to that place in August 2011 so it wasn’t like it really had the time to get messy and dirty.
This year we de-cluttered the shelve unit we put in the hallway, DH is still holding dear to his college and SAP books but they got so dusty they all needed some serious wiping, we got rid of a million USB cables, chargers and what not that keep accumulating without us knowing (I swear they reproduce themselves into these boxes!). While DH was busy in that corner I decided to wash the curtains in Ishi’s room, and dust the walls. Now I do that every months or so, but for some reason it always looked like it hasn’t been done in over a year every month or so, that’s how dirty Mumbai is. Since I was there I decided to wash the walls with water too, since the bottom caught grease, dirt, mop splatters and sports toddler hand prints and crayon doodles. We are lucky enough that in this flat the paint is a washable acrylic, so when I scrub crayon or doggy hair grease of the walls, it’s just that that comes off and not the whole paint. I spent over an hour just scrubbing all the walls squeaky clean, some areas needed more TLC than others though, and then I washed all the doors as well, while DH moved to completely clean the TV cabinet and what was behind, namely heaps of dust that accumulated after just 2 months since the last vacuum expedition in said corner…(got to really love how dirty things can get in India).
I already cleaned the kitchen during the week, and on Sunday just dumped all the old pots and pans we never use in a bag to give to the maid, not that there was much, but we haven’t used that old prestige pressure cooker in over a year preferring the hard anodized futura one, and we don’t need to hang to a broken bamboo steamer and a worn out chapatti rolling board when we replaced it a year ago by a new one, so off they went.
By 6pm we were done and ready to go shopping, that’s usually when we buy our Diyas and lights, and an inventory earlier in the day told us all we have left is a big diya urli that we last used in 2009 and the Diwali lanterns we bought in Navi Mumbai, all our fairy lights fried on the Christmas tree last year.
Beside Dhanteras is the auspicious day to buy metal, now most people say it’s precious metal that should be bought, making jeweller happy, but DH remembered that as a kid his mom would throw out old utensils and buy new ones on the occasion. The previous years we went the unimaginative silver coin route, and we then are in a fix of what to do with them, we have a bunch that clearly we should sell, but apparently it’s not auspicious to part with precious metal unless absolutely necessary too.
This year however, I really needed a Dutch Oven pan, the continental big pan also referred as crock pot, and I needed one that has metallic handles so that if a recipe need it I can start the prepping on the stove and shove it in the oven for the final cooking stage, I’ve actually been thinking of getting one for quite sometime and just recently saw one in Lifestyle that was just what I was looking for, so instead of buying our auspicious metal in the form of a coin that will oxidize and catch dust once Diwali over, why not put the money toward buying a metallic, still auspicious crock pot? 1799 is all it did cost, and it will used a lot to cook home food…WIN!
While I was on Dutch oven mission, DH tackled Big Bazaar in the same mall and found cute diyas there, we then headed closer to home to buy lights, and back home we went. Tired, but all set for Diwali. Ishita keeps asking for the light, we will try to put them on the balconies tonight if DH manage to come back early from office, otherwise it will be a last minute thing as it always is in our home.


  1. sirisha achanta10:01 PM

    Lovely blog you have! Had fun reading through your posts :)

  2. Thank you :-) glad to hear you enjoy my blog and thanks for leaving me a comment.

  3. This post looks like a typical indian house wife's post. ( In a better sense ) Nice post.

  4. Thank you, since I wrote this post I put my new dutch oven to good use already...how did I not buy one before!


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