Too many cooks spoils the broth

12:12 PM

As announced earlier today on my Facebook page, the flat I was mentioning in my previous entry is ours. The measures of the door frame indicated we can slide the fridge through, even without removing the handles, the dog is allowed and they will remove the two beds we don’t need.

Now we already told our maid the good new since the flat is a 5-10 minutes walk up the hill from our place and she already told me that we have to let her know in advance when the big move day will take place so she can book her whole day off to help us. I have myself started making lists of all the things we need to organize, plan, do and buy for that move and my “external hard drive” is back in business.
This morning my maid was in a discussion with DH about boxes and stuff and he told her that boxes will not be necessary, we have enough bags and basket around to stuff things into, beside since it’s a highly local move we don’t need packers and movers, just deal with the idea of making a few back and forth trips with our car. Turns out our maid might be even more of an organization freak that me (if that was even possible) so she flooded my poor husband with planning ideas, and such which for most conflicted with my war plan, her thing is that we should pack and unpack the kitchen last so that she can cook…GASP hell no!
First the new flat has no piped gas, so we need to take a connection for a cylinder, to do that we need to have the registration paper for the new place, which will come close to the move, and subsidized gas companies take weeks to process things, so we are fully aware that we will have no cooking gas for a while and we know the drill. Then the kitchen has a huge hole in the counter, the owner might have had a cooking range, so we need to buy a small table to wedge in that spot to place our counter top stove on top, that will probably be a last minute thing too as we need the key in hand to go measure the spot and buy something and have it delivered there. And last but not least from our sadly way to extensive knowledge on the packing and moving topic, we know that we will not care about eating home cooked food in plates on D-day, experience had it that we are far happier and more relaxed outsourcing the food issue to a restaurant doing take out, beside if the maid cooks she is in the way of storing things in the kitchen anyway, not a good idea to do any food preparation until the flat is more or less settled. But yes to her this is an alien notion and I can get it.
The other sad but true fact learned from earning our veteran badges in relocating is that of all the rooms the Kitchen is the messiest to pack and settle, so the earliest we can get it done the better, and this time the short distance is all working in our advantage, we can even if we get the keys a few days before “Massive D-day” get a few bags of things bring them up the hill, store them away quietly in a still clutter free place and be done with it, beside no one really need the entire content of their kitchen until the last minute, all we might at the most need until the last minute is the hot plate, the electric tea kettle and tea mugs, so that both DH and I can have our own version of what we call tea/chai. I could not care less about cooking dal and sabzi while in the boxes, all sweaty and tired, leave alone eat it, so all my pantry food can safely go away early, beside even on a short distance move it matter far more to eat all the content of the freezer before the move and leave as little in the way of fridge perishables as possible, so chances are the fridge will be bare by D-day and running to the market to buy food will definitely not be on our agenda the evening of the great shift anyway…having a nice shower to clear the sweat and dust away followed by a collapsing on the sofa on the other hand will rank very high on the priority list that evening.

As sweet as my maid is, I think I’ll have to don my household minister and general hat and set boundaries. DH is blissfully clueless about the planning phase since he didn’t have to deal with it at all in the past move alone and I gave him a short summary of it in all the previous moves understanding that as a SAHM and Housewife the management of the house is my full time job and he as a typical office going man could not be bothered about the necessity of making lists that include : buy mobs, keep all important papers in one place, and buy some storage racks and adhesive hooks for the kitchen, especially when they go on the list 3 weeks before the actual move. From my experience these small things don’t weight much in the boxes, and you are always super glad to have them beforehand because there is nothing more annoying than have half your house cluttered with knick knack that could have been stored immediately if you had been prepared with the right tools.
This time around I also clearly have an edge over DH in expertise, see we mostly did long distance relocations, only one was within the same city back in 2005 but it was across town and we had no car so we had to hire a packers and movers company to relocate 3 box of stuff and 4 plastic chairs (oh those where the days!).
In Switzerland people don’t hire movers unless they relocate to another city and moving companies back home do NOT pack your stuff, you need to contact them weeks in advance for the estimate and they will then give you boxes that you pack yourself. Needless to say that you generally enlist the help of friends and family to move in Switzerland. I moved once within the same city, and helped friends do it to, so I know how that works, I know how a minimum planning goes a long way when you end up having to do a lot of back and forth with a car to move things, and what the priorities are like in such time and it seems that the years of joint experience DH and I have moving our stuff across India plus my many experiences of helping friends pack and move as well as my own Swiss move has me have old instinct I never really had to use before kick in this time around.

I probably will write some entries with simple tips to plan a move ahead of time in the next few days…and it seems the relocation label on my blog will start to disturbingly creep to the top of the list who would have known?


  1. A Merican Punjaban PI2:44 AM

    Looking forward to the moving posts coming up. Good luck with the move.

  2. Thank you :-) right now I am trying to not stress out. I will probably start writting tips tomorrow, today Ishi's school is closed for a holiday so no time off for me :-)


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