We found Nemo

12:02 PM

When you have kids, you know that weekends need to be full of activities to keep them entertained. Sadly in most big metros in India there is not much to do that doesn’t involve heading to a mall and put them on kiddie rides. In Mumbai the climate is so hot and humid most of the years that you can rule parks and the beach too.
So it leaves parents with not many options left. All kids like zoos, petting zoos and Aquarium, and Mumbai has a zoo and a government subsidised Aquarium, we’ve never been there, because we got countless testimonies of other parents like us who told us that the zoo is not well kept, and the Aquarium a sad little place with dirty tanks and not much to see in matter of fishes.

This Sunday however we came to know about a special (obviously privately funded) exhibit of fishes in Dadar: Aqua Life. The article bragged about exotic species, endangered ones, and a big 18ft tank claiming it was the largest in India. So we went, Ishita was of course all exited, and to be fair it was good enough, except most tanks looked like this:



A solid majority of the tanks contained regular household fish like goldfishes, guppies, and neon fishes, the one that were in the fish tank I had growing up, there were other a bit less common household fishes such as angels and discus and very few tanks contained exiting species such as Piranha fish, small rays, and eels, there were a few salt water tanks as well containing the popular ones such as clown fishes (I told you we found Nemo), but nothing as ground breaking as the newspaper article that led us there suggested.
It pleased the kids there, and what’s not to love? I mean seeing real fishes, in tanks instead of on TV? Ishita couldn't get enough of them, and for people who like me will not want to go through the hassle of keeping a tank at home (I know how much work it is to keep a tank clean and your fishes healthy…I grew up with a dad who loved fishes and we had two tanks at home), going to an Aquarium is a good compromise.
On the way back DH commented it is sad that there is no permanent well kept Aquarium center such as in all big cities across the world, this would be quite a hit, considering that these places need to be kept cool in AC and would provide a perfect form of educational entertainment for our little ones. I pointed to him that they could even come up with petting zoos as I am sure many kiddos would be thrilled to feed bunnies, pet a goat and go on a pony ride, and I know that parents like me would gladly fork out 100-200 bucks per entrance ticket for a quality privately owned place instead of paying a similar amount in a lousy kiddie rides and junk food at the mall every weekends.

There is clearly an entertainment segment that metros in India could tap into.


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