Wrap, pack, and unpack on the horizon

11:01 AM

On Diwali day our landlord called to say that he put the flat on the market for sale, and that a potential buyer will come with his broker the next day to visit the place…I am not sure when he put the place I am not sure when he put the place on the market, but the fact there is already buyers wanting to visit means it has been there for at least a few days before he called us.
With  this we are now facing relocation. Not that we were not thinking about it, the lease increase 10% every 11 month, and we are now on lease number two at 40k a month for a 2BHK, that would still have been ok if the landlord was not once again screwing the income tax people and us, by asking us to pay a significant amount of said rent in cash and declare about half the rent we pay him to the tax people, leaving us in a fix as we can’t declare the full amount we pay him on our tax form and…yup end up paying his taxes.
The whole “flat on the market” thing is just going to speed up our moving out and getting rid of our cheating landlord, beside we found out that for 35k we can get a 3BHK not too far from where we are staying, and we realised that we really need that extra room since Ishita has now fully claimed her room and sleeps in there every night. DH needs his computer desk to work from home at night, meaning we need a study room, where he can also put his music on without risking to wake up Ishita.
Now the problem with all this, is that the move could come very shortly, DH has already been looking at listings yesterday and said he found one ad posted by an owner instead of a broker, we are going to visit that place the weekend to see how it looks, the other issue is that most flats in Mumbai come without wardrobes, we got lucky until now, but we will probably have to buy some at one point or another, and we will have to by AC units as well by the time Summer hits us again in February, in this flat we were lucky to have them provided by the owner. And of course as always there is the issue of deposits, landlords ask for 8-10 months worth of rent, and rarely release it before we hand the keys, a thing that always left us in a bit of a fix when we needed to give one month notice, and try to negotiate with the owner of the new flat on when the deposit will be in his hands, most generally don’t like putting their property on hold for a guy that will only be able to pay the deposit 2 weeks later.
I’ll probably have more on this whole thing later, right now I’m not even sure if we will be spending Christmas in this flat or in the next one, or how we are going to manage the whole thing, the only positive is that it’s a move in the neighbourhood, so we will be able to transfer a lot of our breakables and small items in our car in several trips, and avoid us the hassle of unpacking many boxes packed hastily by unprofessional packers and movers, as for such a short distance, we aren’t going to pay premium for a big company.
We also have the many years of experiences in the relocating department to give us strength, we’ve moved across the country 7 times since 2003, and only one of these move was within the same city, all the others had us move to a different State. The flat we stayed in the longest was for 5 years and it was our beloved rooftop terrace one, which we both still find ourselves missing awfully even now. The flat we are staying in right now is the second one we stayed the longest in so far, we are now at one year and 3 months.

Right now I think the wise thing to do would be to start drafting a war plan again, with the usual preliminaries: throw away junk, write lists of all the tiny things to do such as remembering to take back all our CFL bulbs, but the advantage of moving within a 3-4km radius, mean that even if the packers and movers pack things like the AC remotes, we can easily bring them back to the owner, and it also means no urban camping, which is the thing that took the toll out of us in our previous move.

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  1. A Merican Punjaban PI6:12 PM

    That's definitely sudden! Good luck with the move and finding a decent place without the ripoff broker.

  2. Oh yeah that is quite sudden, and I refuse to think it was something he just decided on a whim, you don't call people on Diwali day telling them "Oh I am putting the flat on the market to sell it, expect brokers to come and show the place to people". He probably thought of it for quite some time and never told us because he probably want to squeeze as much money from this flat as he can, we learned from him that he is putting it at 1.6 crores, but DH asked around recently and we saw listings, none of the flats in the building that have been for sale in the past few month ever went above 1.5
    I guess he is going to postpone giving us any information about the flat's sale until the last legal minute because as long as we are in he makes 40k every month out of whcih he declares only about half to taxes, needless to say we are a bit pissed, and are not going to wait for him to find a buyer to move out, if we find something good before that, we are out of here, god knows what kind of excuse he will come up with to try to get out of giving us back the whole deposit too. Frankly if we had the money, we would buy the flat off his hand and be done because we like the place even if it is just a 2BHK and we would not spit on something bigger :-)

    As for finding one without a broker, I am not too hopefull, and in Mumbai you need to pay brokerage fees everytime the lease is renewed between you and the owner as well...sigh!


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