Advent Calendar 2012

3:26 PM

December 1st, the holiday season has officially started in our home, and with it Ishita’s Advent Calendar is up on the wall for the 3rd year. This time I decided to fold little paper bags out of red and white paper, the original plan was to tape them to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree, but then the landlord hit us with his 30 day notice which will have us out of this flat by December 20th, so since I didn’t want to just paste back 4 bags in the new place, I did come up with banners, that way when we move out, I’ll just remove them, and place the one with the remaining bags in the new apartment. I am angry enough that he is pretty much stressing me out during my holiday season, I don’t want us to miss on any of it because of that move.
This year I put mostly hair clips and bows in the calendar, first because Ishita is in a girly phase and love these, and then because that’s better than having to pick up trinkets of the floor the rest of the year (the little plastic fishes from the year before was a bad idea). I added a few chocolates in some of the bags and there are one or two necklaces since she is always after mine too.

Along with the Advent Calendar I already baked 3 batches of cookies with more to come, and I’ll post the recipes here very soon, as usual it’s not the time of the year for diet in our home, as for me December means baking time, cookie galore and ginger bread, there is nothing like the smell of cinnamon to celebrate the season and the finally there cool  days and almost cold nights. It’s been 3 evenings in a row that I have welcomed back my socks like an old friend, and there is nothing like a fruit infusion sipped before bed time. Christmas is a family festival, one that has replaced the original Solstice festival. Here without the dark night to illuminate in hope of longer brighter days, it’s for me a time to welcome the most pleasant weather period in Mumbai, after a year of constant humidity and heat, and general feeling of discomfort, The end of the year always come as a huge blissful relief that is truly worth celebrating.

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