Another Wall

12:17 PM

The first time I hit the moving wall and felt the pain was in August 2011, you can read about it here. It was brutal, we were fed up, tired, it was the 3rd move in a year, enough was enough, we both swore we would not move for a couple of years, that was without taking the landlord’s choice into account of course.

Well here I am hitting another moving wall, we haven’t even started yet, well at least not started moving boxes. I have of course started planning, making lists, and trashing a few things we should stop hanging dear to, purging somehow brings peace to me, I’m the anti-hoarder, the more I can simplify and de-clutter the better I feel.
The fact I am no rookie in the whole packing and relocating department means I am also getting much better at it and with it the problem of finding myself waiting for the storm much sooner. This past month has been a blur, I vaguely remember we were setting things up for Diwali when the landlord casually informed us he was planning on selling the place and we’d better start thinking about moving out. It was November 12th, hard to believe just a month ago we were doing sparklers and flower pots and eating sweets. Since that date I have seen a parade of potential buyers all coming with the many brokers on the job, some days worse than other, but pretty much not a single day without a visit, I kid you not over 50 people have come and went. And I hate that part, they spend barely 2 minutes in the flat, half of the time they come un-announced, it always mean putting the dog on one of the balconies, having perfect strangers walk around your flat with you having to drop whatever you are doing to give them room to roam around at will. The agreement with our landlord was that the brokers should call him and he would then check with me, perfect in theory, but never ever in my life did I resented IST (Indian Stretchable Time) that much, because it doesn’t even matter that my landlord did specifically told them at which time I am home during the week they always seem to come there when I am not, leaving the landlord to call me to inform me someone is behind the door…and that is if they even bother calling him at all. Then there are those who announce that they will definitely come by a certain time, and show up 5 hours later not understanding why it is that much of a big deal. One of them is actually thinking is he above all and he can bring clients whenever, I have gone through many discussions with him and reported him to the landlord who in turn scolded the guy, it never fail, he will show up late, or not at all until the next day without even an apology. The first time he pulled his crap on me the landlord actually called me in the morning telling me this guy would come at 11am, nobody showed up and I didn’t fret, I just get on with my day period, so come 1.30pm and I leave to pick up my daughter in school, come back from the playground at 2.15 to find him and his client ringing my door bell. And when I pointed that he was supposed to come at 11 and I don;t wait on people he looked like I had landed on Earth from another planet, pissed I went all Swiss on him about the importance of respecting my timings and I can’t and won’t accommodate him. The landlord repeated the same to him, and since then he hasn’t kept his timing once, another day he was supposed to come at 5pm and showed up at 8.40, he woke up my daughter which just went to bed and didn’t even say sorry, and just yesterday he rang the doorbell having been un-announced while I was stepping in the shower. I slipped on my robe and told him crudely that first he need to announce himself and then to come back 10 minutes later because it’s shower time for me and I slammed the door in his face…he never apologised for it, his client did! And as I am writing this, it’s 12pm and he was supposed to show up with someone else an hour ago…I have half a mind not to open the door, that’s how pissed I am.

Anyway, all these visits serve only to remind me that this flat is going to no longer be my home and today it is even hitting me harder, we are getting the key by Sunday, I have a home accessories list to tackle tomorrow, making it a perfect excuse to be out of this house for the day and enjoy some fun time at the mall with Ishita who I frankly feel I have neglected a bit in all this frenzy. And because apparently just packing and moving is no longer a challenge for us, it had to fall around Christmas, and we even threw in a Jr Kg Admission Interview in for good measure (She got admitted, I might go back on that later once we settle in our new place), and because all the above combined is still not enough, let’s throw some PMS in! And perhaps the fact that the noise and dust from the construction site nearby has the nasty effect of giving me headaches and sinus aches (Go watch the video of the noise I posted on my Facebook page).

Right now I find myself completely neurotic, barking at my dog, screaming at my phone for ringing and urges to scream F… to just about anybody asking anything of me. I already effed the notion of a balanced diet, these days nothing but easy stuff like grilled cheese sandwiches (on brown bread which is the only saving grace they have), Christmas cookies, chocolate, and a truck load of fruits (at least that one is healthy) will do. I don’t want to cook anymore, I don’t want anything to come in the way of my sitting down for 5 minutes. I want this whole insanity to be done with…yet again! And the cherry on the top is the landlord that called last night to inform me of the visits schedule for today and asked casually “What are you planning to do for Christmas?”….Really? You send us a 30 day notice on November 20th and you ask that? I let him know that I would probably still be settling in the new place and just about enjoy sitting at home and do as little as possible, and that beside there wasn’t anything worth doing around here for Christmas. The thing to ask of all things!

Back to my chocolate for now!


  1. carvaka3:09 AM

    You know what can be more frustrating than dealing with agents on IST? Having a husband who runs on IST while you really REALLY don't. As of now, I have been waiting two and half hours for husband to be done and ready to leave (for plans that were made months ago so I haven't sprung it on him). I've managed to do my daily chores/work, do HIS daily chores so he can get ready/ finish work in time, baked a cake for the event.. and I have been ready and sitting here for hours. He does not understand what the big deal is so this happens every time we have to go anywhere. So. Frustrating.

    I empathise with you in the giant pain that moving is.. I hope you don't have to move again for a while.

  2. Oh yeah, the hubby on IST is annoying, I think mine mellowed down over the years though, but he still has his moments :-) I also learned that there are certain things that need to be done by myself if I ever want them done on time LOL

    I sure hope I don't have to move for a couple of years after that, I'm truely fed up with it.


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