First post from the new flat

4:37 PM

We were deep in the boxes and dust all of December 20th and only got the last few things stored away this Sunday, right in the nick of time to celebrate Christmas, so here is an account of this last move.

On December 19th I packed a few boxes of kitchen stuff that DH drove to the new place while I was getting Ishita ready for school, then I took a few more bags and walked to the new place to start setting things up, as in our experience it’s the kitchen that is the worst thing to pack and set in every move we went through, the sooner you can get it out of the way the better. I arrived at the new place only to see that my to be living room was plunged in darkness as they fixed plywood boards to the grill to protect my place from the heavy work they are doing on the whole building’s exterior walls, a nice touch to want to protect me, but as I am writing this now we are still living with a pitch dark living room as the only natural light was coming through that balcony. Anyway back to the 19th, I got all the stuff I brought settled into the cabinets, removed the old granny curtains that came with the flat and washed the kitchen counter and the shelves inside the wardrobes in the 2 hours Ishi was in school, once we reached home I packed a few more boxes of kitchen stuff for DH and I to bring in the evening, by then we were happy to have brought about 90% of the content of my kitchen into the new place, we were then blissfully ignorant that the remaining 10 would drive us batty the next day, and decided to empty the bookshelves so they would be ready to be taken away by the movers the next day, and since we decided to go green we didn’t get much in the way of cardboard boxes, we have a whole lot of sturdy shopping bags and suitcases that we could load in the old flat and unload in the new only to be loaded again. So after filling up our bags with books DH decided to go do one more trip to the new place and dup his cargo in the place before we called it a night knowing the next day would be draining.
Comes the 20th, Agarwal packers and movers announce they would reach our place by 11am and we continue packing stuff, so far all things went well we were on track, seasoned pros at moving that we are, the maid seeing she was not really needed at the time with all the help we had went on with her day, and the movers packed all the stuff in the time Ishi was in school, that’s when we reached around 1pm that things started going crazy, the guy to set Aquaguard showed up in the old place where I was while DH was in the new place with the Tata Sky guy, the movers where still there, my dog ballistic, Dominos Pizza not offering online ordering at the time I needed it the most being low on cash and needing to order through credit card and I was to leave the place by 1.15pm to go pick up Ishita, we managed to pull it through, I ordered a pizza on the phone they assured me it would take 30 minutes but it reached 45 minutes later with the delivery guy lying to my face having been held up at the security desk when he actually bypassed it since I never got any intercom notice, the lady at the store put the manager on the phone who after seeing I would not budge and was decided on claiming my customer right to a free pizza yielded, told his delivery guy it was on the house, only for the guy to refuse to leave without at least 500 rupees stating against his manager order that I was eligible for 300 as a discount. I slammed the door in his face for him to come 15 minutes later with the security officer of my building to get his money and me to slam the door to his face, and them to stay there until DH came back to eat, the delivery guy extorted the whole amount out of my unsuspecting husband, an angry call later to the shop they promised to bring the money back but it never happened…guess who is never going to order from Dominos again?
After the pizza was wolfed down DH went to the new place with the packers and movers to get the furniture set while I had to stay behind with Ishita to pack a few stuff, I was done filling the bags and suitcases before DH was done with the movers and I had to wait idle in the mess and dust at home, and a toddler that refused to nap, seeing that I knew she would crash around 6-7pm and I would be left staying with her while DH did all the heavy lifting and that it would take us forever to move everything.
That’s when my maid saved the day, she came back at 6.30pm and seeing that Ishita had collapsed on the oriental rug in the the living room with her blanket and pillow, offered to help DH with the lifting and transferring, from then onwards they both did the back and forth in our car while I stayed behind filling the bags they brought back empty, by then the reality of it all hit us in the face: we had more stuff we thought we had and it was going to take far more time that we estimated. This is the first short distance move for us, we wanted to save cost on the packers and movers so we hired them only for the big furniture and not for the packing and carrying of our belongings. By 9pm I swore our stuff were procreating behind my back and that no matter how many things I packed no dent was make in the amount left to pack. DH and the maid to speed things up would just dump the stuff all over the new place to bring back the bags empty to me, with no order whatsoever. by 10.30 they were doing the last trip both feeling exhausted, and there was still heaps in the old place, but I admitted that even myself could not even align two words straight, my legs were numbs, and my armpits on fire due to the sweat and chaffing of fabric. I was covered in dust with black streaks all over and all I wanted at this point was a shower and my bed, boxes of crap be damned! So after their last cargo transfer DH drove the maid back to her place not wanting her to walk in the dead of the night, and then came to pick me and Ishi up along with a bag or two we still could carry.
The new place was in total disarray heaps of stuff were all over, and getting to the shower felt like an obstacle course but I was determined to get to it as my humanity depended on it.

We woke up the next day at dawn, DH went picking up a batch of stuff to the new place before getting ready to go to office, and I spent the entire day sorting out the heaps of mess, picked up Ishita in school, called pasta and jar sauce lunch, before tackling more of the mess, by the evening when DH came home I had cleared about 60% of it, I was dead beat once more starting to wonder if my legs would ever feel painless again, starving but with no food left in the house to eat apart from Maggi noodles. We were in bed by 9, facing another early rising to clear the two final batches of stuff from our old place before giving the landlord back his keys. DH then had to go back to office on Saturday as they had an urgent meeting he had to attend. During that time I cleared the rest of the mess, leaving only the 3 suitcases of DH’s clothes and belongings I had no idea where to store. As soon as he came back we headed to the supermarket to buy much needed food.
On Sunday I cleared the last box of stuff, the carpenter showed up to put up all the bathroom fittings and shelves and paintings we needed him to mount on the wall, the electricians came to fix the water geyser in one of the bathroom and they are to come back to install more plug points as the place is very deficient in this department. The plumber came to install a tap for my washing machine, and get instructed by DH on all the plumbing leaks we had in the flat (a lot of them since it’s an old building).

And now here I am on Monday still waiting for the plywood to come off the balcony, with my legs still hurting, totally drained but finally settled. Tomorrow is Christmas, and the plan is to make a Coq au vin style chicken in my Dutch oven with mashed potatoes on the side, and probably buy a cake as I have no energy to go into baking mode at this point. I actually find myself struggling to find my festive spirit back at this point. This move has been the most draining and taxing of all, we simply underestimated the amount of things we had and should have gotten more stuff in on the 19th than we did, and yet again we find ourselves hoping this move is the last one for a couple of years to come. And that it will definitely the last and only one to come a few days short of one of the major festivals we observe.

I’ll probably write a bit more about the new place later, tomorrow is a Holiday for me as you probably guessed.


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