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11:38 AM

even with a very short distance move like this one, there are a couple of things we just can’t do by ourselves, such as relocating the sofa, fridge and other massive furniture which means we can’t spare ourselves the expense of asking some movers to do the job.
We initially thought that hiring local guys would be cheaper, and our maid asked around in her area, two guys came on Sunday for the estimate, and their price for relocating a sofa, a fridge 2 shelves unit, 3 mattresses, a queen size bed and a chest of drawer over 800 meters: 17 000 rupees! When DH questioned it they explained thy have to hire a truck then they have to carry the furniture in the new building up the stairs as the lifts over there are too tiny for them, and they informed us we would have to arrange for protection material such as blankets and cardboard to wrap the delicate wooden ones. After negotiations and DH desperately trying to get the price below 10k they agreed for 11k. DH told them he will get back to them in a day, our idea was that it was worth checking some place else. I myself found it really weird that they would ask us to supply the packing material, and snorted at their whining over carrying a sofa up 3 flight of stairs, because I did just that during my 4 year long apprenticeship as a upholsterer / decorator, and 3 floors was nothing, our average for sofa delivery was 5 floors…so if me a WOMAN can do it and not whine, why should they use that as an excuse to rip us off of a couple of thousands rupees. Truth be told if the place was nearer and not up a hill on a busy road I would even carry all the damn furniture up myself and spare ourselves the hiring of a tempo or a truck, my only impossible one would be our giant fridge.

So anyway DH decided that it was costing us nothing to call Agrawal packers and Movers to get an estimate, we know them, we know their professionalism, and even if we in the end choose not to go with them, we have an estimate to work with and negotiate rates with local ones better.
In true Agrawal style they came on time to do the estimate survey, and quoted their final figure at 9.5k needless to say that DH took it, we can trust them, we know nothing will be damaged, that they will bring all the packing material they need and they didn’t even mind the fact they will have to climb 3 floors up with our stuff, we even added a few furniture pieces we didn’t ask the guys the maid found to carry and their price is still cheaper.
Along with their estimate they gave us the usual paper folder to put all move related things in, but this time I noticed they even improved it :


A check list for the client, not related to them but to all the things that one usually find themselves having to plan ahead when planning a move, a nice touch, especially for those relocating on long distances and who fortunately unlike us aren’t familiar with the hassle of relocating.
I particularly like their including things like : Select a Simple and light food for the day of leaving (we ourselves usually do take out to free ourselves from hassle), they also suggest the client keeps themselves free around the time of moving to meet family and friends who will want to have them over for dinner and say farewell. And of course they could not stress enough the importance of making address changes, disconnecting services such as phone, gas, electricity and the reminder to check all taps, and turn the main switch off when leaving the old place. They are small things that are easy to forget in the heat of the moment even if they seem like common sense in the first place, truth being that relocating fries your brain, so common sense things are the only likely to be forgotten if not written down on a list.

So here we are, all set and ready to shift, I packed a few boxes of books that will end up in DH’s brand new “Man’s den” (study room), most of the stuff are stricken off my lists and we are going to lug a few stuff up that hill tonight, hopefully by then the cleaning people will have swept that place and they will have finally taken the king size bed there is in one of the room apart so we can move our stuff in. My maid seeing I packed some boxes suddenly asked when I would empty the other shelves, not quite getting that since the packers and movers come on the 20th to take them away there is no point for me to empty them until the night before as there is nothing worse than crowding the space with boxes too much in advance. I plan to set up as much of the kitchen with her not around because I am quite peculiar about organization in that specific room and in all fairness even use it more than she do, so it’s my way or no way. I know she means well, but there are many things for which her help is really not needed considering we are also seasoned pros at moving from one place to another. there will always be enough cleaning and keeping Ishita entertained to do for her. 

I am not sure if this blog post will be the last before the move, but there is a high probability that my next will by written from my new quarters. 


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