I skipped St Nicolas

9:47 PM

I blogged about it last year, St Nicolas is a very popular festival in Switzerland that falls on December 6th and you can read all about it here.

I was all for doing it again this year, but for several reason I gave it a miss, the first is that even if I am not full in packing mode, this move looming on the horizon is stressing me out, then in an effort of not loosing on the Holiday season despite the move and our idiot landlord’s doing I squeezed a lot of cookie baking in the first week of December, and that alone would be enough to wear out just about anybody, but there is more.
Thanks to our landlord selling the flat and my learning that he is hoping to sell at an over inflated rate, I see a parade of potential buyers, on day we had 10 coming between noon and 7pm, even if they just stay barely 2 minutes in, it means stopping what you are doing to put the dog away on a balcony, open the door and stay out of their way, and then get the dog back inside once they left, until the next one. On occasion that even left me suddenly receiving a call from the landlord informing me one of the brokers was waiting behind my door while I was outside (at the playground), mind you no one told me one would come unannounced, and they don’t even see why that would be a problem. Well the problem is that getting a 3 years old away from the swing because one moronic broker brought some people to visit the place without warning anybody result into a screaming, fussy toddler and I am the one left to deal with it. It’s even more fun when the broker apparently pissed off at me not being there can’t wait the 3 minutes it takes for me to come upstairs and leaves.
On top of that, it seems that the construction site next to my place is in a jack hammering phase, it’s been a solid week of near constant jack hammer from 9am until 6pm, shutting all the windows doesn’t even help much, a thing I will be so glad to rid myself of in two weeks let me tell you!
Then PMS struck it’s nasty head this weekend adding to my neurotic response to stress…”Hulk Smash” anyone?
Despite all that I was still all set to bake a ginger bread cake yesterday and have a special dinner, that was until I saw Ishita being super whiny before going to school, which had me suspect or an early bed time or a long long nap in the afternoon.
it turned out that she crashed on the sofa at 3pm only to half wake up at 7, super whiny, by 6pm I decided that nobody would even be enjoying the traditional St Nick meal so I didn’t even get into baking mode. I got Ishi in the shower when she woke up, then made the oh super easy “Potato, Brinjal, Tomato” that doesn’t only turn out to be easy but is also Ishita’s favourite. By 9 she was back in bed, but woke up bored with it all 3 times in the night screaming for her ritual morning bottle of soy milk each time, leaving me sleep deprived.
This morning I was a mess, a PMS-ing zombie with a headache, so much so that by the time Ishi was in school, I first sat down in front of the TV watching one of my “Friends” DVD until an announced potential buyer came to visit the place, then set my alarm clock to 1pm and crashed down for a little over an hour, too exhausted to even chalk one tiny task off my to-do list.
Then Ishita decided to nap, and I went for a power one myself, before taking the Christmas tree out of the box and assemble it. I then prepared some cinnamon rolls and Ishi woke up right when they were ready to go into the oven. We then decorated the tree together and she then decided she wanted to apply the icing to my cinnamon roll, which we called dinner. It was a sort of St Nicolas spirit meal, which just helped me feel the holiday joy again.

I will post some pictures and recipes soon too, most probably starting Monday, as tomorrow is a Saturday DH is at home and we have a PT meeting in the morning, and groceries to buy in the afternoon. It’s nearing 10pm here and I really need some shut eye.


  1. supriya9:42 PM

    I love cinnamon rolls fresh out of the Oven :) Happy December. I am thinking of baking ginger bread cookies sometime soon! Hope you are having a good w.e.

  2. Yep there is something so special about fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls, they also bring back memories from my childhood when I would go to the bakery on Sunday morning to buy some for our family breakfasts. In Switzerland they add ground hazelnuts and raisins to them, I would have put raisins in mine if I didn't just decided to bake them at the last minute, because the raisins needs some soaking.


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