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Christmas came and went, and true to the line I wrote last year right after Christmas in my 2012 Diary, I kept it SIMPLE back then I had no idea we would be relocating right before Christmas of course, but the fact we just got out of the boxes was just the extra incentive I needed to avoid going overboard in the food department.
I threw some sambar onion with 8 chicken drumsticks in my Dutch oven, topped it with a small bottle of red wine and slow cooked it in a “Coq au Vin” style, made mashed potatoes on the side and in less than an hour I was done with it, got to sit down not feeling exhausted from preparing the dish, enjoyed some wine with our meal and watched Ishita enjoy the roller skates we got her as a gift.

Being so dead beat still from the move we didn't even try going to the mall to see Santa. Ishita got a gift from him in the morning for the first time but will have to wait until next year to meet her new idol, but she got her dose of Ho Ho Ho from the TV and books we have around anyway.

The simplicity of it all felt good even if I wished they’d remove the plywood boards from my balcony for my festive day.

Today Ishita got to try her roller skates outside and got the hang of them already, we enjoyed the garden in my new apartment building in the afternoon, and the boards did come down letting me enjoy natural light in my living room for the first time in a week this afternoon.

The picture above was taken today in the garden where they did decorate a potted tree for Christmas, but I of course have mine back up and decorated inside, just didn’t take any snaps yet.

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