My present came early this year

11:51 AM


DH pointed out a few months ago that will all the pictures I clicked from my old Samsung Corby and how I shared them on Facebook I might actually benefit more from a smart phone, not to mention all my post its, notes and organizing tools around the house. So I was slowly giving in to the idea of having one. Now those who know me, know that even if I appreciate technology and have a geeky side, I’m far more of a practical one than the one who will just buy the latest, priciest, hippest thing on the market, and my reasoning with the phone is that since my old one works fine, there is no urgency to upgrade anyway. DH heard through the grapevine at his office that they would heavily discount a HTC model in their store and asked me what I thought of it. It was the HTC radar which was a discontinued model, it seemed like a nice phone so I told him to go for it considering I’m not the type to want a particular brand and OS anyway, though luck had it that they went back on their word discounting it, and DH told me to look online to see what was there in the mid-range, Flipkart had the HTC desire c for 12k and DH was like “Get it now, no point waiting until Christmas”.

And that is how I got my gift early. I love my phone by the way, it’s simple to use, small enough to put in my pocket, didn’t blow the bank, has a nice enough camera, got myself the apps I need such as a shopping list and to-do list one, make full use of my calendar, bot the cute free apps one and the one that came with the phone. Ishita and the Christmas tree already got into Instagram, I can stop blowing up a fortune in sms with my friend thanks to whatsapp…I never thought I would find a smart phone so useful really.
DH got me into buying the monopoly game app as he wanted to play on it via Wi-Fi with me, but we found out that his iPhone support the Wi-Fi mode and the Android app doesn’t for some odd reason.
Not that I play games on it often, I already wasn’t doing it on my old phone, but the upgrade in internet capabilities and photo sharing makes it so worth it.

So here it is, Merry Christmas to me a bit early!

I was in no mood to write about more serious topics today, bear with me.

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  1. Navya3:51 PM

    congrats! I have the HTC sensation xe. My hubby has the samsung S2. welcome to HTC family. Somehow, having used both android phones - I feel HTC is better (am partial toward my own phone..) - what is the app you are using for shopping list btw? Just curious...

  2. I think HTC is better, I have a few friends that rave about it too. I didn't feel like going for a pricey phone and the ones from Samsung in the low price range were not really getting that good reviews, the S2 is still too costly despite being an older model, and I really couldn't care less about the S3 and the Note 2 which are just so huge it's impossible to just carry them in your pocket, when you have to run after a 3 years old at the playground, you don't want to carry a purse just for your phone, so that wasn't for me, even if they were reasonably priced.

    DH has an iPhone, but he doesn't use it to make call, his office provided him with a number and a blackberr for that and since everybody has that number anyway he did't feel like telling everybody he has a second phone number as well, beside a week into having it he was glad he isn't using it as his main phone, because that thing runs out of battery in 4 hours of moderate usage! 50k well spent huh? My HTC goes through a whole 24hr on moderate usage.

    I'm using the "out of milk" app, it has a shopping list, a to-do list and a pantry list, I haven't used the last one though, not yet. What is great about the shopping list is that it has a barcode scanner, while none of the Indian products are in the database, it tells you so and you enter the name manually, then the next time you scan that article it remembers what name you gave it, so after a while you could esily just scan the product you are running out of and not have to type uch beside fruits and vegetables :-) Apparently that apps also sincs between all the devices in the household, so you can have the list on your computer, on your mobile, your spouse's mobiel and it will all get added to the same place, I haven't tried it though, I'm the one fully in charge of the shopping list anyway :-)

  3. Navya4:54 PM

    Ah this sounds just amazing.. I installed the out of milk app and then uninstalled it without fully realizing the merits! I need to install it again now with this perspective in mind :) I particularly like the sound of sync-ing with spouse's mobile :D helps with a baby definitely!!! Just yest I emailed my DH the entire grocery list in the form of excel sheet because the poor guy needs to set up basic pantry items in the kitchen for my arrival back home in Jan from my mom's place :D I can see these apps making things smoother...

    See - until we own a smart phone, we keep thinking we dont require one :) I had the same outlook as you did as well until I got one for myself ! In a recent family get-together, a cousin picked my phone up to check the apps and returned it to me 5 secs later stating - "you have not installed any games!" WE think alike!

  4. LOL on the game thing, I have a few basic ones I installed, but definitely not going to make me part of the hip crowd, when I have time to play games I play them on the computer anyway :-)
    But yeah I never thought a smart phone would be that useful and what I was missing on really. Of course I was familiar with DH's iPhone, but I wasn't using it other than set the toddler friendly apps on it for Ishita.
    My own phone is off limit for her, she deleted a few stuff on the iPhone, whcih is fine because hubby doesn't use it, but I wouldn't want her to do that to mine, being used as a practical tool to run the house :-)

  5. Navya9:57 AM

    :-) totally get what you mean. My husband's niece who is fond of playing games on mobiles - one fine day got irritated with losing in a game on his S2 - and she started pressing the screen in the heat of the game and banged the phone on the coffee table in frustration for having lost.

    That was it. Our phone is now off limits for her and will be for our own son until he figures out how to handle a touch screen :D

  6. Believe me your son will figure it out sooner than you think, DH got his iPhone last January, he let her try it and it took her a few days to navigate between the apps and play games on her own, she was 2.5 years old :-)


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