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Smith and Jones Masala Noodles

12:20 PM


Due to the packing and moving stress and the lack of creativity, I decided to tackle one of the many reviews that accumulated in my notebook, I haven’t eaten any new type of noodles in way over a month, and these past few days and the few next will be all about the good old comforting if we even eat Noodles.

Anyway that one I ate about 2 months back, I bought it even though the picture on the pack creeps me out (all the Smith and Jones variants have creepy cartoon faces on), true to my vow to taste all the type of ramen noodles on the market in India I had to try this brand as well, and I chose the good old masala flavour to try out first, this is by far the most popular flavour in India and you cannot not have a masala flavour to make it in this market.

First the smell of the taste maker: it is a bit citrusy, but has a strong hint of the masala smell you find with Maggi. Once you put it in boiling water the smell is however really odd, some sort of “fennel-y” kind.

Taste wise, it is in one word VILE, I kid you not I have never felt so strongly about any of the other noodles I tasted and I can’t even find one redeeming quality about this one. It has a bitter taste with a strong aftertaste of chilli, the noodles’ texture is gummy/spongy and I think I even detected a hit of rancid butter taste in the whole thing. The first time ever I threw the noodles away after 3-4 bites. Ishita was less kind, she spat it right out and ran for the water.

What scares me is that they have other flavours I will have to taste and review one day…oh dear!


  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I actually like it. Tastes different than maggi

    1. Have they changed their taste a little since I reviewed it? I haven't tried new noodles in ages, re reading that review, I don't remember the taste I experienced 2 years ago.

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I agree! This was absolutely VILE!


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