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The last post of the year

5:48 PM

We are bidding goodbye to 2012 in a few hours, I could go into the usual platitude and hope 2013 will bring changes, better days for the country and humanity, and while I of course do wish these things, I don’t think it’s worth writing about it, 2013 for me will be another year of blogging as usual, with some noodles, daily life reports and more pertinent posts…the usual, and I hope you readers will keep on reading like you have been all these years (we are talking 8 years of blog entries here!)

Instead of wishing for better days, I will just count my blessings and be grateful. I am grateful we are done with our previous landlord and his monetary greed. Grateful to be settled into our new place and reasonably rested from the packing and moving trauma, grateful for a bigger flat at a cheaper rent than our older one. I am of course grateful for having made it an entire year in Mumbai without going crazy this time around. Grateful for being healthy, not all have that chance, grateful for my family, and Internet so I can keep in touch with them. Grateful for my friends, it goes without saying, you guys know who you are…Grateful for all that I have and the life I live, even if at times I want to scream….who doesn’t?

And here is to 2013, and all the happy days it will bring punctuated inevitably by a few crazy days.

Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Wish you a happy new year Cyn..

    2012 has been an eventful year for me! Do you believe in resolutions? I like to believe that I follow mine till the end of Feb at the least .. Will post mine this year and my main resolution is to blog more :)

    I am grateful to be alive after all the sad news that has been going on currently ! Congrats on the move and finding a bigger flat for lesser money - in the end everything works out for the better but I feel you when you say you had to move just before your big holiday! Really sorry about that.

  2. Happy New Year to you too!
    I used to take resolutions, but I never keep them behond January :-) So I stopped taking any.


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