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First of all sorry for the lack of new posts, as you can imagine I have been busy, packing, moving, celebrating Christmas, recovering from the effort of packing and moving, and celebrating New Year (quietly at home with take out chicken and a few movies).
It actually all boils down to figuring out a new routine, the constant in every move, and the one you really can’t fully adjust to until you unpacked all your boxes, and slept the stress away.
This time around since we relocated around the holidays, Ishita’s school had their last day on the 21st of December, then I had the good idea to enrol her for their Winter holidays activity class, so that she still get to spend 2 hours with her friends and do some fun activities when I would not really be fun myself.

With each moves there are some things you need to get used to, for me it’s the morning routine that takes time to get back into. In our old building the morning was punctuated by a concerto of doorbell rings that frankly was driving totally insane. It is common in India to have all kind of services and they all come in the morning, so here was my “ding dong” parade going:

6am: Maid showing up to cook chapatti and clean the flat, sometimes she would be in a rush and leave a few tasks undone then.

7-7.30am: the milkman would come, the system was that you bought a stack of coupons in advance and would hand out as many coupons you wanted in exchange of packs of milk.

8am: about once a week but never on the same day the car wash guy would come to ask for the key to clean the inside of the car.

9am: twice a week the clothes ironing guy came to pick up the clothes, then ring the doorbell again the next day around the same time to drop the pressed clothes back

9.30am: the maid would come back again, or to finish what she didn’t do earlier or ask if there was any dishes that piled up between 6am and then.

10-10.30 am: The garbage collector would ring to see if we had garbage to dispose of.

Some days we had people coming to collect their monthly fees as well. between 6am and 11am by the time Ishi was in school I would be interrupted all the time, DH could only squeeze his daily walk before office, Ishita being your usual 3 years old makes million requests and it never failed, Murphy’s law would have it that the instant I would just go to the bathroom to relieve my bladder the damn door bell would ring again, never mind taking a shower, I learnt to move it to the evening instead of the morning simply because I hate being disturbed when I do so. The only ones I could have somehow cut were the milk man and the garbage, the milk man by putting a bag on the door handle with the coupons inside (there was no way to hook said back to the door though…damn designer posh doors!) and by dumping the garbage behind the door, which I tried to do, realising that it didn’t stop the lady from ringing it, apparently not connecting the dots between a big garbage bag by my door and the fact I had already left the garbage for her to pick up.

In the new flat we found out that the milk comes before 6am and our doorbell making such a cutesy bird chirp noise barely audible from our bedroom when we are still sleeping meant we would not collect the milk in person, so I took a canvas bag, and pleased to have good old-fashioned doors could hang it to it, now the milk man pick up the coupons in the bag and drop the milk in said bag, we just have to remember to put said bag out on the handle the night before. The maid comes at 6.30-7 and that’s the only doorbell ring I get in the morning, the garbage collectors pick up the bags around 11am in the the stair case where people put the bags for them, the ironing guy only comes when you call him via intercom or by telling the security booth downstairs. And frankly I LOVE this system much better, that gives me back a grip on how things go. As much as I like having these small services in India, I hate their imposing their presence on me turning me into a wind up toy the whole morning long. As I mentioned several time: I am NOT a morning person, I need things to go to MY pace, and a million ding dongs in the morning is more likely to enrage me than help me.

In a way my morning routine became more fluid and simple with this shift, but still have me trying to find my groove. And right now I try not to fall too much into it because the Winter activity class is at a different time than her regular school timings, it’s also half an hour shorter.
In the old building going to school was just taking the lift downstairs going to the next building in the complex and drop her there. Now I have to take a 10 minutes brisk walk to get there (15 with Ishita since she has shorter legs), my new building is on the top of the hill in my enclave so going down is fast, coming back up give me a cardio work out (I deliberately do a 10 minutes power walk back up the hill after dropping Ishi). All in all There is about 40-50 minutes of walking to and back from school in my day, not bad in anyway, but definitely a new routine to get adjusted to. 

Therefore here is the reason why I have been quiet, but I’m getting there, and am ready to be my good old blogging self very soon.

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