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I’m a bit under the weather these days with the weirdest case of cold or rather non-cold I have ever had. I sore throat, a mild fever on occasion and body aches, but nothing that degenerated into a full blown nasty old, just a persistent numbness that just makes me want to do nothing at all and rest. To top it DH is away to Bangalore for 2 weeks which means whatever rest I can get I will take it and blogging hasn’t been really on my mind, other than in the fact I have tons of great ideas but zero energy to materialise them into posts.

So since I’m lazy mode but still think updating my blog is important I’ll go on describing my new Kitchen a little. I promised a photo tour of my new place, and I guess it is better to do it one room at a time.
Now I know I did a post on kitchens in India a while ago, where I described all my kitchens over the year and you can go read it here.

As mentioned in that post the previous kitchen was my favourite, mostly because it had loads of natural light, over the months I spent in it I wasn’t a huge fan of the glossy off white marble tiles in there because when you cook in a kitchen it gets messy, and that kitchen with all the magazine perfect look and gloss was actually making you feel like you committed a crime actually using it to cook food, and there wasn’t much storage space considering the size.

Now here is one pic of my new Kitchen:

It’s a bit dark I’ll give you that, and that board on the window in the back is now gone but I haven’t taken a new picture. But the floor is a old fashioned grey marble with not one single tile matching the other that is also matte, the spills don’t show, and that kitchen is slightly narrower than the one in the previous flat and a tad longer, and backs quite a few more cabinets. First there are all the loft cabinets designed only for one thing: storing the never used junk away, you find these a lot in old fashioned Indian kitchen, they kind of replace the basement cell in Swiss apartments. Then there is the fact that on the stove side of the kitchen there are little cabinets under the counters as they would be too deep and unpractical, I have one that was to put the gas cylinder that we use to store the dog food, the cylinder goes under the stove slab, and one deep cabinet in which I dumped things I use but not often. The counter on the other side is a narrow one, namely used to put the cooked dish or stuff you need while preparing the food, and the cabinets below the counter are less deep and therefore far more user friendly to put pots and pans. Above the narrow counter are one class door display for the plates and glasses, two wooden cabinets to put food stuff (they aren’t full yet) and two secret triangular shaped cabinets to fill the tiny space on bot side of the unit/ The stove side has 2 big cabinets for food stuff, and a drainage cabinet above the sink, which I do not use to drain plates and glasses because my Aquaguard unit is underneath and it would not even really drain properly, so I use this one for all my cutting boards, steel plates and bowls.

The fridge doesn’t fit in the kitchen because we bought a wider than average fridge when we replaced ours last year, so the space for the fridge now looks like this:

The cheap metallic shelf we bought in 2010 when we were living in Navi Mumbai to store DH’s old never used books in the storage room and later moved into the kitchen in Bangalore to move back as a bookshelf in the hallway in the previous place is now back in the Kitchen, a bit more rickety after so many moves but still standing and by far the most versatile 3500 rupees we spent. Now I’ll give you that all that is now on the shelf could have fit anywhere else in the kitchen if I decided to seriously cram the cabinets, but I’m all for practicality in a kitchen and I don’t see the point in crowding a cabinet unit or a counter if I can avoid it and since that fridge space would remain unused for it’s intent purpose why not use it for something else?
This kitchen has also two sinks, for me that’s easy to figure out how to use them: Put the heavy pans in one, the breakables in the other when there are dishes. Use one to store dirty dishes and the other to wash vegetables…In Switzerland with sink drain plugs that would have meant fill one with warm soapy water to wash the dishes, and fill the second one with cold water to rinse the dishes before placing them on the draining platform. But these sinks here have no drain plugs. In fact that is the first time I have seen the oh so familiar to me two sink setting. My maid is totally clueless about them, she hasn’t even figured out she can transfer all the dirty dishes to one, soap them all up and place them in the second sink before rinsing…oh well!

You might have noticed in the first picture that one door is opened on an area covered with glass windows. This was originally an utility balcony that has been converted by the owner into a utility veranda, in an effort to protect the washing machine from the elements:

In India the utility space is almost present in every apartment or house, this is the laundry corner, in most place that’s a balcony, in Chennai it’s often a huge area, in Mumbai it’s tiny and in our old flat it was wedged in the hallway in a special enclosure. If your utility room is a balcony or a veranda like above it’s also becomes what would be known as the broom closet back home where you dump all the cleaning supplies and tools. In this one DH and I plan to get some small wall mounted racks to put things like mops and sponges and detergents to keep them organized as we don’t want it to be an eye sore that is seen at the end of the kitchen corridor. Right now I have to keep reminding my maid that NO I don’t want the brooms and mops dumped in one of the 3 bathrooms as we use these for different things and I refuse to shower facing a plastic broom or a dirty bucket or a mop, but hopefully she will get it one day (funny because she was good about that in the other flat and this one has even more utility space).

That kitchen is not looking as fashionable as the old one, but what it lacks in IT quotient it makes up in practicality, my guess is that the owner made quite a few upgrade, she even put lights under the above counter cabinet to make sure we can properly see what we are doing on the working plan. It’s also a kitchen that doesn’t make you feel guilty about cooking, it will look messy after baking or making a full meal, all kitchen do, but won’t make you feel like you ruined it the way you would uglify a super model sending her in stilettos perfect hair do, impeccable make up and a satin gown to run a marathon…if I can make an analogy. It’s probably a kitchen that would make a designer cringe, but it’s a kitchen in which I actually feel very comfortable working.

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  1. That's not too bad looking. I can see the potential but I'm a very practical person. I will sacrifice aesthetics for functionality any day. I want my rooms and fixtures to work hard lol. For a minute I thought I saw a full sized range oven in the picture then I realized it was just the opening for the cylinder.


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