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Solutions to curb crime against women

12:22 PM

According to some backward government officials and enlightened beings I won’t fail to mention before I start.
India has had people stating the most ridiculous reason as to why rape occur in the country, and if you are not living here or reading the paper you might even wonder if they aren’t made up, I assure you they are not, and I am going to list some of the ones that sprouted in the papers recently in the wake of the Delhi gang rape. As a prelude to what will follow, here is one that is rather infuriating and prompted me to write the blog post about stopping to blame the west. Because you see this smarty pant actually stated quite seriously that crimes against women occur only in “India” but not in “Bharat”. Bharat being the traditional rural apparently so righteous India. What is ridiculously funny if it wasn’t angering is that all the solutions to crime against women I’ll list below have been cooked up by people living in “Bharat” or close to it, where let’s remember rape do NOT occur in the first place (yeah right!)

- Chowmein cause hormonal imbalance that leads to rape, I went over that one in a previous blog post you can read here. And apparently an assortment of other junk food stuff as well, the only way to be morally pure is to eat dal-sabzi-roti???

- Bengal’s CM, a woman I might add, blamed rape on the fact that men and women interacted too freely…if we read between the lines, that means we need to segregate men and women and prohibit interaction…darn considered that we are like every other living species on this planet driven by an urge to perpetuate our species I wonder how that will be the solution by repressing natural instincts. But hey since men misbehave in India but not in Bharat, I think we should let them stay in said Bharat and declare India separate nation were only women are allowed…problem solved right?

- Schoolgirls to wear their school uniform overcoat at all time. Pondicherry came up with this one, never mind it’s a hot tropical climate, apparently what cause rapes is school girls just wearing the prescribed skirt and shirt, But then some people in Rajasthan are pushing a move to ban the school uniform skirt all together, they should wear salwaar suits or trousers to school…I wonder what will happen when they realise that’s not going to prevent rapes…ban girls from going to school in the first place?

- The Delhi gang rape victim was as much to blame for what happened to her, this is was a self proclaimed Godman from Gujarat spilled this week, just in time for me to want to hammer my head in the wall permanently. Apparently to avoid the rape she should have connected to the rapists and call them her “Brothers” and beg for their mercifulness, because Brothers will not rape their sisters of course, bound by a religious sense of duty. Never mind that the rapist that lured her into the fateful bus called her “sister” when inviting her into the bus…so he already considered her a sister and still raped her…SWEET. Apparently she should also have chanted the “Saraswati mantra” before boarding the bus to gain knowledge and avoided being caught in such a situation…darn I am not Hindu does that mean I need to carry a Tarot deck to check my future before taking every steps of my life?

-Still in today’s paper, another Khap Panchayat in Haryana decided to ban mobile phones for BOTH boys and girls and ordered girls not to wear jeans and t-shirts as it is not a proper dress for girls! And just to be on the safe side they are also banning alcohol and DJ parties too, the message is that girls should stay home and cook chapatti and dal for their brothers and fathers to prevent them from going out eating chowmein therefore preventing hormonal imbalance that will cause the males going out of control and rape a girl that decided to still go out of her house…Now we know from where rural exodus stems from, the young generation might not move to cities just to get better job opportunities but also to not die of boredom.

- Girls should marry at age 15, that’s what another Khap Panchayat declared as a measure to curb rape incidence (These Khaps really have the solutions to all the problems huh?).

- Don’t cross the “Lakshma Rekha”. Lakshman Rekha being a brand of a toxi chalk used to draw lines in the kitchen to curb the roaming of roaches and ants, if the pests cross the chalk they die. Used in the contest of women, the idea is that men draw the line and women who cross it will have to face the consequences and are blamed for their stupidity doing so, the other side of the line can be filled with asshats morons that like to call themselves MEN but are an utter insult to Manhood in the first place, but that is still the woman’s fault. My question is is the toxic chalk line drawn on the kitchen threshold or are the women allowed to go to the main door to pick up the milk left in the milk bag? Provided they wear a camping tent and a chastity belt doing so not to provoke the milkman in the first place…of course!

- Don’t go out after sunset, there are numerous version of this one that have done the round, apparently women going out after dark are up to no good and should be the one to blame in case of a rape. Including the Delhi gang rape victim who according to…gasp a Woman Scientist should have known better than to be out after 10pm and should have surrendered to her 6 rapists to avoid loosing her intestine…that statement was made while the victim was still fighting for the life she now lost in hospital. The curfew thing is always disturbing to me, but even more so in this case where the person blaming the girl for what happened to her is a WOMAN…hell no not just a woman but an EDUCATED woman in the field of science, a field of study that is still male dominated the world over!

Not one of these supremely enlightened beings want to even look at the fact that rape is not about sexual pleasure in the first place for the rapist but all about the trill of being in control of another human being they see as weaker using sadistic brutality and force. It’s not the time or place at which the woman was out or what she was wearing that is to blame, it’s just accepting the fact that these “men” are just sick and inhuman. Once that will be accepted maybe the social stigma of reporting a rape will also go down and more sexual predator brought to justice.


  1. Somu (Woodooz)12:52 PM

    Lakshman Rekha is actually the line drawn by Lakshman when Lord Rama was away hunting for a deer that his wife Sita wanted. Sita was supposed to not cross the Lakshman Rekha, but when she does cross it, she gets kidnapped by Ravan. That's the background to lakshman rekha (from one of the two great Indian epics - Ramayana). Just clarifying.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, I didn't remember the line in Ramayana had a name, but I read the French translation back in the days so that could be why...admit it though, the name of the anti-corckroach and ant chalk is even more apt to the situation though, after all some would not want to see the women get out of the kitchen and women who do are to be treated like pests :-(

  3. You see Cyn - Half our problems started with Ramayana if you actually paid attention to the story!!!

    So Rama goes in search of a deer and Lakshmana draws tat Lakshman Rekha line implying if sita crosses it then she is gonna land in trouble - the same reference used by these panchayats - stay within the lines we draw for you..

    and she goes to Ravanas adobe, returns with Rama later on in the story after defeating Ravana until he questions her fidelity in Ravan's adobe and she jumps into fire to show how pure she is - another practice tat was common in India for a long while - widows who were expected to jump into fire in a practice called " sati " after their husbands died while husbands need not do the same if their wives died because well - in our Ramayana scripture only Sita's fidelity was questioned...

    See - all our problems are because of Ramayana and Mahabarata...

  4. In the Christian world it is supposed to be Eve's fault because she ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge, but fortunately we moved far away enough from that BS for women's right to be respected.

    If I remember correctly, Draupadi was almost raped in the Mahabarata, so clearly the notion of rape is not unknown to Bharat either! Got to love those who quote India's great Mythology has proof of superior culture and the fact things such as rape are import from the west...sigh!

  5. Navya8:54 AM

    These tales were written as a work of fiction by someone (Valmiki? I have forgotten...) but adapted as scriptures over the course of time as the "bible of conduct for Hindus" excuse my French :) so while it might have had some reference on human conduct and behavior in society back then , Indians of the previous generation have not realized tat most of what was written has no reference to the evolved society that we now live in thanks to Globalization!!

    So what is the solution? Blame the west, for introducing practices and solutions and technology that was not written or practiced or advised in these scriptures...

  6. I think all religious texts were written essentially as tales to illustrate proper behaviour within a community at the time they were written in. The problem is that the world is constantly changing and while things like "thou shall not kill" is still a pretty good rule to live by (that many Christians ignore themselves anyway) things like the idea of what was moral conduct for a woman or a man ages ago is no longer going to work. I always snort when some people quote the Bible as a reason why Gay Marriage shuld not be tolerated because the same book in the bible also say it is fine to have slaves as long as they aren't from your nation or something. And for many petty crimes it was stated that death by stone pelting was ok, so it's rather Hypocrite to quote a fairly outdated religious text to go against something but not abide by it for other things.

  7. apple5:22 PM


    The Indian epics are not linear stories as they are made out to be. They are layered and nuanced. The Lakshman Rekha was not a moral boundary as it is made out to be later on, it was a magical line to protect Sita from the man eating demons which infested the forest Lord Ram was residing in.

    King Rama renounced Queen Sita. Rama the husband had no doubt about her chastity. People in public life must have an impeccable record atleast that was his belief, unlike today's leaders. It was sure hard on both of them, more so on Ram who kept his grief a private affair.

    Drapuadi was humiliated but those who humiliated her paid with their lives. Millions were killed in the great war. The country paid the price for the misdeed of a few. It is written that the societies that dishonor their women are doomed. Most Indians have not bothered to read the epics properly and stick to the popular perceptions leading to distortions. They are open to more than one intepretations

  8. That's the problem with all religious texts they leave a lot to interpretation, like the law today :-(

    I think in the version of the Ramayana I read eons ago that infamous line was not as much a restriction on Sita as it was on Ravan. She was safe as long as she stayed in because Ravan could not get in, but she wasn't really prohibited to cross it. beside if I remember correctly (darn I should read these stories again) wasn't it Ravan that lured her across the line?

    Anyway got to love when the "holier than thou" brigade starts to misquote mythology to make whatever ridiculous point they have to make.

  9. apple4:29 PM

    The point I wanted to make that most Indians have never read the epics themselves, they depend upon the the popular versions. Ramayana has many versions each different from the other throughout South East Asia. Similarly, Mahabharata is a collection of stories written over the ages reflection the changing times. People know about Ramayana because the characters are worshiped

    About Mahabharata people know very little. It is considered inauspicious to keep a copy of the Mahabharata at your home as it causes domestic discord as the story itself is full of violence. Some thirty years ago, these two epics were made into TV serials. Our generations got to know more about them through the TV version which was well researched none the less with brilliant acting and screenplay. The people who wrote the epics were enlightened people, that is why they could think writing such brilliant stories. Those who misquote mythology and those who berate them have never read them themselves.


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