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If you are following me on Facebook, you probably already know that 2 weeks of me being alone on the parenting job while DH was away on a business trip took the toll on me and a cold I had been dragging for a while finally burst out with cough and numbness galore.
The blog and a lot of my online took a back seat in favour of rest, peace and quiet in my offline life (you know the one that we all have when the computer is off).

IN the past two weeks I’ve been through the initial phase of feeling on top of my game and sneaking in moments of a single lady life that when looking back on it wasn’t really so desperate: late nights in front of TV munching comfort food without anybody questioning your sanity, reading books, taking the morning at a leisure pace…yeah that life. Except that since I am a mom half of it cannot be done, and what is left generally involve kiddos or being in school or in bed. So the first few days I was awaken at 5 hellish am or so by a daughter done with the idea of sleeping. Nothing like a toddler saying “Mama TVeeeeeeeeeeee” when just a minute ago you were in your dream drinking a nice cup of mulled wine with friends…dang back to reality, you are not in a mountain cottage with friends in front of a fireplace, you are in a suburban Mumbai flat with a toddler wanting Mickey mouse…right now! Dang! It inevitably went with me persuading her to crawl in my bed and cuddle for a while because 5am is not the time to switch on the idiot box. Worked half the time, but usually by 5.30 she would kick and jump around driving me batty, leaving me with only one option: Disney Channel. Serving her her cup of milk, switching on the bathroom light she can’t reach on the way back to bed, hoping that it would hold her long enough for me to catch a few more zzzz before going on with the rest of the day. Not quite, true I get to stay in bed until 7-ish am but not without a request for putting her panties back on, and several running commentary on what was happening on TV just so I would not miss that yes Mickey or whoever that was did indeed catch a fish, or went into a plane or whatnot, time to get up without killing anybody. And in order to keep me human in the morning there is only one thing that works: TEA loads of it, and I like mine black and strong, preferably Earl Grey or Assam, the kind of thing that will let you know by their strong taste that they are the kind of stuff that can shake your brain cells back to order, usually I need two cups of the stuff. Now when DH went on trips before we had kids I just had the dog to keep alive and satisfied, so my mornings were still quiet enough, with a kid, forget it, you need to fulfil many of your tots needs and requests, try to tell them that whining is not socially acceptable, that words like please and thank you are mandatory in this house, that no Maggi for breakfast is not acceptable everyday, that there is such a thing as too many candy, that fruits aren’t poisonous, and that just because kids on TV are eating candies, drink complan and eat chocos doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in this house, wet t-shirts don;t kill people and that when one wash their hands only the hands need to be wet, not the entire bathroom, and that Yesssssssssssssssssssssss you saw it there is a cow on TV and that it indeed goes moooooooooo and that yes you saw it and heard it so please stop stop stop saing it over and over….if you have kids, you know what I am talking about, if not or if your kiddos are too young, this serves as a warning of things to come your way…be prepared, because it WILL happen.
By 11am the kiddo was in school, and it was time to walk the doggie, because she needs a walk without me feeling yanked between the canine and the toddler while trying to keep both safe from speeding trucks, busses and psycho territorial stray dogs that do not tolerate certain pet dogs to pass in front of their loot.
At the beginning of the 2 weeks periods I still felt good enough to blog, and plan really nice lunches and dinners, enjoying it actually, then after picking up Ishi at school, having played in the park with her, fed her lunch, taken the dog and daughter back out for a walk around 4 and the daughter back to a playground right after that it was time for shower, dinner and a sleepy kiddo bringing on a whole evening of undisturbed time: Silly TV, books, a movie, playing games on the computer….oh the possibilities!

That was the first 4 days, after that it all went down hill with the appearance of a cold sore, the second one in a month, and the fact that that damn throat issue was not going away and not ripening at all, clearly I was not as super on top of my game as I thought I was, my immune system was starting to send me signs I ought to slow down…ah! humour me dear, as if I even had that option!
The first weekend we enjoyed some time at the mall, the next week was full enough of activities such as a birthday party at Pizza Hut, a kitty party/playdate, time with her friends at the playground, but still had me to run run run, and there went the blogging while she was in school, gone where the elaborate meals, not that we ate crap all the time, but let’s say that stuff like chicken meatballs, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sandwiches and sprouts became more common than oven roast chicken, grilled veggies and homemade mashed potatoes. In  word minimal prep and cooking became the new mantra. Beside whether it has been cooked for 20 minutes or ends up raw on the plate, green is still kryptonite to a toddler and you figure out that if they don’t touch their salad it can go back in a box in the fridge or you’ll end up staying somewhat in shape forcing yourself to finish their leftovers.
The second weekend alone was crap, first because Friday was a school holiday, then because my sore throat was ripening into a cold, with fever, and because Ishita started coughing too. Except that when toddlers get sick they still have 10 times more energy than you do when you are healthy and well rested. To make it even worse, my dog who is 6 and half and dealing with the onset of old age arthritis had a flare up and was dragging herself around the place, not looking forward to walks, and missing DH on top of everything. By then it was “screw healthy food, let’s just aim at food too bad it is junk” mode, pasta galore, cheese and bread, and chips, because I can’t be on parent duty 24/7 with a cold and a fever and a sick doggy and still pull a domestic goddess act. Blog be gone! Facebook frivolous ways I love thee, Zuma and solitaire you are my saviours! Who cares about TV, books and intellectual stimulation!
By Tuesday it became necessary to pep talk myself with “He’ll be back Thursday night, he’ll be back…you can do this, 2.5 more days to go…..” Fortunately Ishita had nothing wrong with seeing home made frozen portion of mac, cheese and ham make it to the dinning table, and neither did I. I kept us alive, that counts as something right?
Now DH is back, he got a taste of Ishita at 5 this morning, I still struggled during the morning routine, and coughed my lungs frequently, but was relieved of the doggy duty, and I know DH will be back tonight to provide some back up.
And here I am announcing that starting Monday I should be back to blogging full mode.


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