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One of the things I love about Nutella, beside the taste of course, is that if you buy the smaller pot, you get a drinking glass free. That concept existed for as long as I can remember back in Switzerland, not only did Nutella come in one, but also mustard and mayonnaise, and I grew up with drinking glasses that came for free as my mom didn’t quite trust us with her tall fancy water glasses, and back when I was a toddler, plastic cups were not really the thing.
Anyway, when I first spotted some Nutella in India a few years ago, it was coming only in the big jar, then saw some smaller pack coming in the drinking glass, but they had a different designs, I no longer have any of these because they all broke. But with Ishita being like most kids and enjoying Nutella, and my knowing my willpower is only as tiny as the size of the jar, I buy them in small jars like the one above, less temptation to use heaps on some bread that way.
As a result we have quite a few of these drinking glass in the cabinets, which works great because or me, or Ishita, or the maid end up breaking one on occasion, and the fact that the glass container came free with 125 rupees worth of nutty chocolaty goodness goo means I won’t get too mad at whoever broke it (including myself…and yes I can get mad at myself too).
The drinking glass in question is rather utilitarian and minimalist in design (the ones from my childhood were a bit fancier looking with a carved bottom), but because of that bare minimalistic look they are great to work with when you get into a crafty mode.
A week or so ago I purchased some Turquoise glass paint from the brand Pebeo because I had another craft project using it I planned to work on. And decided that while I had such a big quantity of paint left I might as well put it to some good use doing another glass painting project as well.
All you need to turn your simple glasses into something less boring is some glass paint (any brand will do, it just happened I had some Pebeo one on hand, you don’t have to break the bank on it if you find a hue you like in another local brand like pidilite) and of course some 3D liner Acrylic paint, pidilite does that one under their “Hobby Ideas” label, it comes in many shades, with glitter or without glitter, and is known more as a fabric paint to people around here, but it is an all surface acrylic paint and works on glass just as well. For this project I used the gold paint without glitter and light blue glittery paint variant.
And then just let your imagination run wild really, I painted with the glass paint first, let it dry overnight and then used the 3D liner paint to finish the glasses. The paints are all water resistant and soap resistant, just make sure you do not scrub the glasses as you wash them, the 3D liner has a tendency to chip if treated too harshly, the glass paint from Pebeo is far more durable as I know from experience (I used to paint with it back home often) but if scratched hard and long enough will start to go away.
Needless to say that the glasses are no off limit to my maid who can’t wash dishes without scrubbing the hell out of them with the scrubber part of the sponge. And my daughter just decided suddenly that she is too big for her plastic Winnie the Pooh glass, she now wants to drink from the pretty green glasses at all time, and because they are free Nutella glasses I let her do it, I can still pain some more later, and actually still have a few to prettify. That said I let Ishi drink from them, but I will never let her paint them until she is older, glass paint is designed not to come off easily, and only really wash away using turpentine, so definitely NOT something to leave around a messy toddler, since you could end up with a lot of stains.

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  1. Navya3:34 PM

    I do the same :) But I do not paint them and turn them into fancy looking glasses like you ! Hats Off!

  2. I do not like Nutella because I do not like hazelnuts. I guess hazelnuts are more of a European thing?
    Oh well, lucky me I suppose. Being an American I do like peanut butter!!!
    Love the ideas to decorate the glass. I find I save all the jars things come in, either to sell to the Kabaadiwalla or to store other things like spices & dal.

  3. I think it must be a european thing, hazelnut is probably more local than peanuts, and I am not even sure we can grow peanuts anywhere in Europe.
    Interesting thing is that I know too many people in Europe that find peanut butter disgusting, I for myself love it as much as Nutella :) Nutella is pretty much hazelnut butter laced with cocoa.
    I used to save the jars to store other food stuff, worked great in bangalore, in Mumbai it's pointless the humidity in the air most of the year seeps in the jars and things start growing bugs and mold, by the time the monsoon hit you can throw it all away, so last year I gradually invested in tupperware modular mate containers, they are pricey so I didn't buy all of them at once, but none of the stuff I stored in there has caught mold or bugs so far.

  4. Thank you :) That's me, unable to stay away from paint and a craft project for too long :) The stock of plain Nutella glasses was too tempting


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