Making your own Moroccan style lanterns.

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Go to any handicraft stores and you will find that glass and iron lanterns are the big thing these days, and they can cost a ridiculous amount of money. And while the big heavy elaborate ones are probably something you are better off buying, the small painted glass ones are something you can easily replicate home, and for cheap. I got the idea Googling around for DIY lanterns project, so that I can make my own and not feel guilty getting bored with them after a few months. We have a big balcony that is still waiting to be made over into a nice outdoor sitting space, and I know that there will be candles and lanterns there on a regular basis.

So here is how a home made Moroccan style lantern will look like :

2013-03-15 08.33.21
All you need to make one is an empty glass jar or any kind, here I used an empty Jam jar I brought back from Switzerland in 2008 because it had an interesting shape, but any jar will do just fine. You will need glass paint (the translucent glass paint type), and here is the Turquoise one from Pebeo (the same I used on my drinking glasses) and 3D liner acrylic paint in gold or silver.
First start by painting the INSIDE of the jar with the glass paint and let it dry completely. Then take the Gold liner and paint the outside in a lantern way (use your imagination), you might have to do that part in several session as you need to let a part of the motif dry completely before you can rotate and manipulate the jar again, so it’s definitely not something that will be done quickly in one hour.
I wanted the option of being able to hang my lantern from a hook, so I bought some craft metallic wire in a local craft supplies store, and while I planned for gold initially, they had a turquoise that was matching the glass paint, so I just had to buy that one instead.
I’m planning to get more glass paint colours and more jars (gave all the old empty ones I had to my maid when we moved December). In the meantime, here is another picture from said lantern from a different angle, the 3D lining paint is not completely opaque in some spots when the light shine through, but that is not a problem, once lit the lantern is so bright that you will only notice the blue and not the gold paint work anyway:

2013-03-15 08.34.05

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  1. sudha1:24 PM

    wonderfull ...last week we couldnt do much there ws a water line burst in my pipe and we had no water fr 2 days ..and i had gone mad ...scrubing vesels ...and this week its my daughters 1 st bday so no ...projects ..but yes a hell let loose by my elder one ..who though excited still nt into all the preperation i must say this is v good idea ...i am just dying to know in mumbai u have a big balcony and does it remain cln one pours water frm above ..its a relentless war we wage ..with imbeciles staying above us ..who always pours insane amnt of watr to cln ...

  2. I used to have that problem when living in the NRI complex, a big terrace with 18 floors worth of idiots to pour water and garbage on it :(
    Where I am living right now, the balconies are all covered by the one above so no garbage or water from above falls on ours. We are planning to get some plants and some bean bags or floor cushions to put on it so we get the space to sit outside and enjoy, and since the balcony is North East facing we never get direct burning sunlight which makes it pleasant.


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