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12:00 PM

I’ve been quiet, and I wish I had some real excuse, but I don’t have any good ones, beside I am not sure I even really care. let’s just say I had other things happening offline and decided to really just slow down a little in my down time.

- Summer seems to be settling in, this Sunday both the app on my phone and the car’s thermometer were agreeing, we had 38 degrees Celsius, enough heat to just make us want to laze around, it was the hottest in the past week, but that doesn’t mean the other days were cool or even cold. My sweat pants and socks probably made their last trip to the laundry hamper until December-ish. My shorts are back in business.

- I visited Starbucks twice this week, first to meet with a friend, then with DH on Sunday. reminds me I could write a post about various coffee place chains in India…writing it in my black book right away.

- The Summer heat being upon us, I need to find alternatives to spending hours at the playground with Ishita after school, because as it is now it’s getting tougher to do so. And the alternatives must be other than just the TV because I already find that she is watching too much of it. Fortunately there is a very good stationery and art supply shop nearby, I see a lot of funny craft projects in the months to come, and DH and I decided to stock up on 3+ years age appropriate board games to all play together, Hungry Hippos is on the top of the list, and both Flipkart and Firstcry are out of stock, so the plan is to go hunting for it this week in stores in the neighbourhood, the next one is the classic “Candy Land” hopefully will keep her entertained better than snakes and ladders which she just doesn’t fully grasp yet.

- My maid took a 5 days leave, which meant I ended up doing her load of chores on top of my own ones. And I solved the mystery of the dirty floors, I spend one hour on just sweeping and moping a day, she is done in 10 minutes…now we know. She came back this morning and was surprised at the fact there wasn’t much dust and dirt on the floor and asked me if I hired another maid, and looked downright baffled when I told her I did the cleaning myself. Ishita wasn’t a fan of me taking on an extra 2.5 hours a day to clean because she wanted to play with me, so she must be happy to see the maid back. Not that I mind either.

- Downloaded an app for my phone that track my workouts, I walk about 40 minutes a day dropping and picking up Ishita in school and walking back home, it’s uphill half the way and just that makes me burn around 170 calories a day, always good to have working out as part of your daily routine, I new all along I was hacking some miles of walking daily, but seeing it in numbers courtesy of GPS powered workout app really feels great. And did you know that 30 minutes of moderate house cleaning burns around 130 calories?

- I found a park in my neighbourhood that seem to get some shade at around 11am still, so I think I might want to go there to do some more walking after dropping Ishi in school…because I love walking, always have.

- There are just days it’s great to do absolutely nothing, I spend a Saturday just cuddling with Ishita, taking a long nap and then reading books in the evening, reducing my computer time to nearly nothing and loving it.

- I found a cupcake recipe that fluffs up just the right amount when you bake them in my old magazines, and it also came with the perfect fool proof butter cream icing, you can customize easily, since icing cakes is not my forte, I’m glad I found one I can’t mess up.

And that is about all I can think of right now…as I said no big giant excuse for not blogging much and not particularly keen on providing any good one, I enjoyed my past week.


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