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When the TV goes off….

11:28 AM

Ishita is still on a steady diet of no TV channels, the first day was trying because she kept asking for it, the second morning she announced that the TV was broken (amazing spirit of deduction huh? I never said such a thing, I just said no TV). DH somehow destroyed her assumption switching it on to watch some cricket on Friday, and Ishita deducted that the TV was only playing cricket. So in the afternoon when we came back from school she asked again for the TV to be met with a no from me, and for her to specify “I want to watch picket”…nope not happening. We passed the time doing creative things instead. By Sunday we were on a deal simply because I needed more sleep in the morning: she was allowed to pick ONE and only ONE DVD she wanted to watch, and by the time the movie was over the TV would go, but if she disturbed me, whined or started going into tantrum mode the DVD would go, and that’s what happened, half an hour into it she got bored with it and started whining and then jumped on us disrupting our sleep, so the TV went away for the whole day, only to come back with the same deal on Monday (which she respected).
Anyway this short blurb is to say that no TV channels have been on in our house apart from the sports channel DH watched for an hour or so. Ishita is still struggling to find some ways to entertain herself when we are busy with something else in the house but is getting there and when we aren’t playing board games, or being outdoor here is what we do:

2013-03-07 12.29.56

These were made with old CDs of the type you get with computer hardware and never end up using because all drivers are available online on plug and play basis these days. Some colourful paper, a little glue and some glitter, and we made fishes out of them. I’ll let you guess who made which fish. The flower is something she made in school and they are all gracing my kitchen door right now.

2013-03-10 10.25.25

And these are made out of old kitchen tissue paper rolls, I cut it in half, we painted them, cut them into coils and glued googly eyes on them.


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