Hibernation, Chapter 2

2:27 PM

last year I announced an hibernating period of some sort due to the Summer heat getting to me and my desire to write about anything that would require me to think too much. I blogged of course, but on lighter non thought provoking things, to refresh your memory you can go read my announcement here.

Time has come for me to announce that the Summer blog period has come back. The heat is back, Ishita finished the school year last Friday and is now in Summer camp again, from 10am until noon. This year I do however head to the park for my 1 hour walk on most days, despite the heat, the truth is that going there an hour earlier than last week is just what I needed, the park is still pretty much in the shade then and I love having my frustration releasing outlet still there. Yesterday I spent sometime off the track and at home painting a project I am sure to blog about soon (but it is not finished yet). My afternoon challenges now consist of keeping Ishita busy on days she doesn’t feel like napping, because heading to the playground before 4pm is totally out of the question, and on days she feels like dosing off for a while like today, I or join her, or get involved into some creative projects.
The fact that our current flat is North East, North West facing means it is far cooler and we are still at a point at which the AC is only really needed at night to bust the humidity out, unlike last year when in our East facing bay window apartment we would be steaming the whole morning and needing the AC past noon to simply cool things down the instant the sun stopped hitting us. The difference between the two flats is radical to say the least, and it helps that in the late afternoon a soft NW breeze starts blowing keeping us ventilated.

That said do not expect tales of the outdoor and much in the department of thoughts and reflexions from my part, my mind has gone on vacation. So like last year expect things like pictures of my home, decor tips, pantry pictures (or similar), and of course craft projects since this is how I am keeping Ishita busy these days.


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