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I finished my painting project yesterday! So now as promised, I am going to share all the things I did with the paint I showed you in my previous entry, and I am going to do it showing you the projects in a chronological order.
The original idea and project was to collect some smooth rocks and paint them. I collected the rocks a month ago while we were walking along the Bandstand promenade in Bandra…there are a lot of seashells, broken ceramic tiles and pebbles in the rocks just off the walkway there for those interested to know about it. I didn’t pick up as many as I wanted because we had a long day ahead of us and lugging stones in my purse for hours is not my thing, but it’s not like I can never go back there and pic some more.
It took me another week or so to decide to do put my plan to execution, but had no bright coloured paint left in sufficient quantity, so a few days more and I headed to the stationary supplies shop and get some, and that is how I ended up buying all these Acrylic paint tubes. A few days more and I came up with these:


Ishita wanted to paint some rocks too, so she went taking a few in her personal stash (she pics them up everywhere regardless of the shape, rocks are cool and must be collected in bulk) and painted these:


She fell in love with the blue over the other colours, can’t blame her, I love that one too. And if you remember from my previous blog post, the blue tube is not as full as the others…keep reading and scrolling down and you will see why.

I was about to leave it at that and use the pain on later projects later, but then the guys that have been painting the external walls of our building for the past few months, came to our place to paint the inside of the “flower beds” which is a waste of building space nobody can really access properly from most of their windows, and tend to accumulate water during the monsoon leading to water seepage issue, their mission have been to paint and waterproof these. While they were there to put the primer in the tubs, they also cleaned them of all the trash that falls from other floors above and the mess left from the previous tenants, in one of them, a bit out of reach for me to pick them safely was 2 flower pots, one full of soil with no plant and one with a very thirsty but still alive aloe vera plant, so while they were at it, I asked them to hand me these two pots, and since they were looking a bit old, sad and dirty we gave them a makeover:


Ishita helped me with these, and that is exactly what brought me to the next project I just finished yesterday. In wanting to help me, she ended up putting some big streaks of blue paint on a narrow wall strip of the balcony. And I immediately saw the opportunity to decorate it. As it is that wall was already permanently scribbled, and the walls inside the flat have been rubbed with magic eraser way too many time already, so the painting charges will go off our deposit money once we leave the flat, and since we have no immediate plans to leave, and I don’t like the idea to live with blue streaks on a balcony that have far more potential than being scribbled I did this :



Yup I painted the whole strip blue, then over the course of several days painted the little suns and paisley motif in yellow and orange over it. The reason it took so long is that a) I have to wait until Ishita is in school to do it because this not a thing she can really help with and b) due to the fact that it is close to the ground it meant I had to lie on my tummy and prop myself on my elbows and forearms to do it, this position gets uncomfy fast enough and after 3-4 motifs you need to take a break for the sake of your back and shoulder joints.
When we first visited that flat in December, DH and I knew that it was one of these place that would benefit from splashes of colours and an artisanal feel more than the minimalist look we had going in the old flat that was more modern and sleek in its architecture. The balcony will be a sit down area at one point, we are planning to get 2 bean bags there one of these days, and of course get some more plants. But that little strip of blue is already making it pop out more and bring some freshness to our living room (to which this balcony is attached). The painted rocks are currently in my bedroom but I can totally see them migrating to the balcony in the future too.
And I still have more than enough paint to get into more Summery-feel projects, though right now to be frank, it’s the Summer heat that has me floored and going into laze around mode.

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  1. Navya3:16 PM

    I love the colored pebbles and that balcony... If you were living nearby, you would be decorating my home! I am serious!! You have such an artistic eye.

    But I could pull off coloring those rocks like your daughter ! You guys must have had fun. And that is a manageable project for me to remember in the coming years with my son.

    Btw - I would love to have diwali lamps on your balcony! That is the first thought that came into my mind when I saw that pic... It has such a Diwali kinda festive look about it!

  2. You know painting that balcony I was actually thinking on how stunning it will look for Diwali with diyas everywhere, especially since the ones we bought last Diwali were all fancy painted ones I managed to clean and save for the next year.

    And if I were living in Bangalore still I would be happy to come and decorate your place :)

  3. navya1:15 PM

    you should definitely share a pic with diwali diyas on this balcony this Diwali! That pic will be a hit on Pinterest.


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