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This past Weekend we ended up going to the mall, first for lunch and then to buy more books for the Summer. DH and I pretty much decided that Ishita could have all the kids books she want and we would happily spend the money there, no expense spared on books and craft supplies in our home. Toys are bought sparingly and with thought, DVDs are a treat.
So back to this weekend, as usual the sight of Crosswords got Ishita all exited and she ran inside straight to the kids section, and started pulling out books and ooooohed and aaaaaahed at them all, at one point she grabbed a book full of craft projects, which I grabbed and immediately decided to buy as much for Ishita as for myself, since we seriously restricted the TV time we need inspiration to use our craft supplies, and a book containing 365 projects…WIN
A couple of books and one DVD as a treat later we head home and I sit down with the craft book and a page about making seasonal paper garlands attract my attention, it shows mostly fall themed ones with pumpkins and orange leaves, the word bunting is thrown in and this was just what I needed to get my creative juice flowing. The next day I took the crafting paper out, some bowls to draw circles and we made paper watermelon slices. Ishita added her own touch to three of them that we put in her room, and I glued the other slices to a strip of paper and put it on my kitchen window:


Now the plan is to get more Summer themed thing in that kitchen, the bouquet of sticks is something Ishita had me put in a steel water tumbler a while ago and that I can’t throw away because she still regularly bring me some, but I need to jazz that one up a little, it looks a bit blah for the season.

In the afternoon, after she came back from school we got into project number two and the end result looked like this:


Buntings make me think of Summer country fairs and carnivals, they are bright, cheerful, and fun to make. This one is made of old gift wrap papers and craft paper, all folded and glued along a clothes drying line. The original idea was to tie them across the window, but the line was not only too long, it was not looking nice, see that window is North West facing and we are lucky enough to get a nice breeze coming in all afternoon long, it is blowing strong enough to damage our pretty little flags. And since i have been meaning to find a way to prettify the bed area for a little while, we decided that putting out work of art there would be an excellent idea.
Now I did cut all the triangles, Ishita just scribbled with her crayons on some of them, I doodled on a few myself and we left the gift wrap paper ones as they were. Then I found a few stickers we pasted on some as well. Ishita totally lost interest during the gluing them over the string, simply because the granny smith green rope was just much more fun to play with, one end was coiled like a snake…you can’t beat that kind of fun…no way!

The book is still full of ideas on how to make swirly mobiles out of sticks, paper plate crafts, hand and finger puppets, little figuring made out of felt…oh the possibilities! Considering we used a fair amount of our craft paper I even have a motive to go visit the stationary shop and stock up on a few thing now, and pretty much like the bookstore trips there is no telling how much we will end up buying, Ishita is equally exited at going there to buy stickers, glitter and paint.

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  1. Smita Dube11:41 AM

    Its such a beautiful post and so creative !
    Simply loved it :) :)
    Ishita's room looks so pretty and girlish that I want to come and sleep there.
    I wish I could take tips from you for my bedroom !!

  2. Thank you, I always liked painting and crafting so it comes easy to me, plus I have a dregree as an interior decorator :) probably helps too.
    You are actually giving me an idea about blog posts on how to easily decorate a room.

  3. Smita Dube12:34 PM

    pls pls pls do write about room decorations...
    I followed your post on feng shui.. about 2 years back you had posted about it and got a nice job :)
    Pls write something about how to enhance or start relationships with Feng Shui help. Somehow your posts really resonate with me.
    Thanks for writing !!

  4. Taking notes :) With the Summer upon me I'm like last year in hibernation mode, so thoguht provoking posts and reflexions are taking a back burner, like last year I'll probably spend the Summer blogging about things like decoration, home organizing and craft projects, so right up my alley :)
    I can give you that Feng Shui tip on love relationships right now actually. I applied it long time back to my old studio appartment in Geneva and that's how my husband came into my life. The Love and relationship corner is opposite the corner for money on the Feng Shui chart, if you go by the method where you direct the chart according to your entrance door rather than the actual geographic direction of the house it means that while standing in your door frame the money area is on the further away from you corner on the left and the relationship is the firsther away from you on the right. To enhance that corner you need to have red or pink items, preferably coming into pairs, do not place pictures of single object or people in that corner. In my old flat in Geneva I had a pink candle and two heart shaped stones in that corner, I placed them in a pretty bowl. Intersting thing was that my computer was in that corner of my appartment too, and i actually met my husband online of all things!

  5. Beatrix9:38 PM

    Hmm... I have a framed pic of my hubby & me in the 'love corner'.
    Funny I used to have a bouquet of sticks like that I kept adding to when I was Ishita's age too!

  6. I think I had a lot of sticks and stones in my room when I was a kid too :) In the fall though the big thing was to collect acorns and a type of inedible chestnut we had all round the neighbourhood, we would have shopping bags full of these at home and loved to play with them until they would dry and look dull and ugly :)
    I like that stick bouquet as much as Ishita. I bought some turqoise and magenta acrylic paint the other day, I think it will look great painting some of these sticks in these colours :)

  7. Deepa9:37 PM

    cute stuff..which craft book did you buy? Could you tell me the name and publisher? with the summer hols coming up, it'll be fun to do something like this with my LO.

  8. The book is called 365 things to make and do right now the publisher is Paragon


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