20 Signs that you just about had enough of Summer in Mumbai

2:13 PM

1) Just looking at the content of your wardrobe is enough to make you feel hot and drip into a puddle of sweat.

2) You of course have nothing to wear, since even a light cotton kurta feels as suffocating as thick wool sweater.

3) Ice cream suddenly feel like an appropriate answer to “What’s for dinner”.

4) Revise that thought, ice cream is appropriate at every meal.

5) Getting dressed in the morning feels like running a marathon, you loose your weight in sweat, and you hit the wall with your t-shirt not even fully lowered on your chest thinking “I can’t do it”.

6) You discover you can actually break in sweat in unmentionable areas of your body…

7) Torture chambers still exist, they are called kitchens

8) Putting together a meal of canned baked beans and heating pre-cooked paratha on the stove, makes you feel like you pulled out a gourmet meal.

9) Your kids agree with the above and for once do not fuss at the dinning table.

10) you find yourself reading once again how health specialist recommend drinking 8 glass of water a day is healthy and you say “Eight? that’s it?”

11) You then give the finger to another health and wellbeing article that says you need to exercise daily.

12) Walking to the fridge to go take the water bottle out to drink glass number 22 IS exercise.

13) You think twice about going anywhere outside your home…ummm make that thrice.

14) Your dream vacation involves a ski resort, with lots of snow.

15) You cut down to one cup of hot tea a day, and supplement you caffeine needs with Diet coke.

16) If it can’t be eaten as a salad, it’s not worth buying it.

17) The clutter that bothered you a few weeks ago and needed to be organized no longer bother you.

18) Reading a book requires more brain cells than you have left in a functional state.

19) Googling rain invoking dances and rituals doesn’t seem silly.

20) Sleeping really becomes the only cure to go through the afternoons.

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  1. Lol, I love it! I feel bad for you with all of that heat. I do not miss it!

  2. I can imagine not missing it :) What makes it really bad these days is the nasty increase in humidity. One month until the monsoon should start reaching us, if it comes on time that year.

  3. Nicole10:56 PM

    Hyderabad is worse!!!!!! 40 degrees yesterday. I wish i could turn on the a/c 24 hrs a day. Damn if only the electricity bill wouldn't gimme a heart attack. We need to shower here twice or thrice if ur planning to cook in the kitchen

  4. Yvette5:05 AM

    Ooh, this sounds bad :( I can imagine what you're going through. There's one thing that has always provided me with some (temporary) relief: Dermicool talcum powder. It physically cools after it's applied! As for ice-cream being the answer to everything - I second that! When I was at a hostel during college, I'd buy 700g tubs of ice cream and devour it in at most 2 sittings -.-

  5. Seriously with us using AC in two rooms at night only we are already at 5000 rupees a month for electricity and it's already having my hyperventilate :-) this past week I needed a little AC at nap time too so my bill is probably going to be even higher this month. 24 hours a day is totally out of question. I try to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible.

  6. My daughter and I make a ice cream pit stop at the local grocery store on the way back from school these days just to give ourselves some energy to tackle the hill on top of which our building stands :)


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